Nanny for Granbacka Preschool
Gällivare, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Nanny
Work model On location
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Business description Granbacka Preschool has two age-mixed departments located in the same building in the residential area of ​​Granbacka, close to inspiring forests and nature. The preschool works actively to develop learning environments where the children's influence, exploration and learning take center stage. The preschool has two work teams that develop together in collegial learning. Working in outdoor pedagogy and with a project-based approach are important parts of the preschool's teaching. It is the children's own interests and abilities that govern our activities, which promotes the opportunity for our educators to work in research together with the children. Granbacka has a very nice outdoor environment which is an important part of the children's learning environment. Job duties As a childminder, together with others in the work team, you are responsible for planning, implementation and reflection in the work team and for carrying out the systematic quality work in collaboration with other colleagues at the preschool. The children must be given new challenges and receive support and stimulation for their development and learning. We are looking for you who are passionate about working in teams and supporting children in their development in close collaboration with guardians. The work is free and if you are creative, you have great opportunities to influence and develop your work. Qualifications Trained childminder or equivalent skills. We are looking for people who want to join and develop our exciting business. It is important that you are familiar with our governing documents. Our mission is based on the Preschool Curriculum 2018. You are a clear leader, independent, responsible and easily able to take your own initiative. Of course you are positive and have faith in the children's competences and want to develop their abilities. You are interested in using digital tools and care about trusting relationships with children and parents and that you have good cooperation skills. You are happy to use educational talks and educational documentation in your work or are willing to learn more about this. You are interested in developing the preschool and, among other things, the learning environments, and that you know a minority language can be meritorious. Working hours/Duration 100% Full-time, indefinitely. Salary: Salary according to agreement, state salary claim Access 2024-05-13 or as agreed. Disclosures For questions, contact the Rector Eva Hedlund 0970-818 972 A warm welcome with your application! Union representatives Municipal Phone: 010–4429919 Application Application deadline: 03/03/2024 We would like you to include a CV with your application. Original documents are provided on request. Excerpts from the police's charge register are required upon appointment. We have chosen our recruitment channels and do not wish for any recruitment assistance.
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Preschool, elderly care, building permits, garbage collection, water, drainage, and snow removal. The list of our work services goes on to make our residents' everyday lives run smoothly. However, we are not stopping there. We are in the middle of a unique social transformation and are at the center of the global green transition of the mining industry. This green revolution requires significantly more from us than many other municipalities. We go the extra mile, we take the extra call, we collaborate, and we find solutions. We do so because it is our only option. Our location and our conditions have raised us in a spirit where we always had to put in a little more effort.

As an employee with us, you get the best combination of both security and excitement. As a public actor, we are a secure employer, but in contrast to that, we also face a historical societal transformation where we will accomplish impossible feats in record time. This means that careers with us will take you on an incredible journey that requires both power and courage.

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Application due date 2024-03-03
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As an employee with us, you get the best combination of security and excitement. As a public actor, we are a secure employer. In contrast to that, we also face a historical societal transformation where we will accomplish almost impossible things in record time. This means that you get to participate in a breathtaking journey that requires both power and courage.