Substitute supervisor
Gällivare, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Head of unit in social care/Superintendent in social care
Work model On location
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Business description The disability department consists of activities for people with disabilities who need social support. Within the department there are various forms of accommodation, daily activities, short-term and leisure activities, personal assistance, companion service and replacement service. Health and care staff, unit managers, educators and supervisors work with us. Job duties As a supervisor, you support the unit managers and work in close cooperation and dialogue as well as with assignments from them. You are responsible for the daily and long-term personnel planning within the business. Your duties also include recruiting substitutes and working with schedules. You will work with several different systems, for example; Timecare pool, Timecare planning, Multiaccess, Visma personnel system, AiAi and esumit etc. Qualifications You have at least a high school education in administration or other education that the employer deems appropriate. You must have good computer skills. It is advantageous if you have previous experience from working with personnel planning and schedules. It is also advantageous if you have knowledge of the activities of the social services. As a person, you are positive and solution-focused, committed, responsible and have the ability to drive your own work independently and forward. We value that you are clear in your communication and have a good ability to respond in a respectful and professional manner. In addition, you have good cooperation skills, are flexible in such a way that you can easily relate to changed circumstances and conditions. We want to constantly develop our business and would love for you to be part of this work. Within the framework of the National Minority Languages ​​Act, Gällivare municipality is the administrative municipality for Sami, Meänkieli and Finnish. Knowledge of one of these languages ​​is meritorious when applying for employment in Gällivare municipality. Working hours/Duration Full-time, temporary until 240430 and with possible extension. Recruitment will take place continuously and the position may be filled before the application deadline. Salary We apply individual salary setting. Enter salary claims in the application Access As soon as agreed. A warm welcome with your application! Disclosures Lisett Helin Lundman, head of department tel. 0970 - 818,000 vx Union representatives Vision phone 0970-818 000 vx. Application With your application, we want you to include a CV and a personal letter. Original documents are provided on request. Application deadline 2024-02-29 We have chosen our recruitment channels and do not wish for any recruitment assistance.
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Preschool, elderly care, building permits, garbage collection, water, drainage, and snow removal. The list of our work services goes on to make our residents' everyday lives run smoothly. However, we are not stopping there. We are in the middle of a unique social transformation and are at the center of the global green transition of the mining industry. This green revolution requires significantly more from us than many other municipalities. We go the extra mile, we take the extra call, we collaborate, and we find solutions. We do so because it is our only option. Our location and our conditions have raised us in a spirit where we always had to put in a little more effort.

As an employee with us, you get the best combination of both security and excitement. As a public actor, we are a secure employer, but in contrast to that, we also face a historical societal transformation where we will accomplish impossible feats in record time. This means that careers with us will take you on an incredible journey that requires both power and courage.

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As an employee with us, you get the best combination of security and excitement. As a public actor, we are a secure employer. In contrast to that, we also face a historical societal transformation where we will accomplish almost impossible things in record time. This means that you get to participate in a breathtaking journey that requires both power and courage.