Deputy municipal director and head of administration for Support and Development
Gällivare, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Administrative manager, municipality
Work model On location
Application due date 30 August 2024
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Business description

The municipality's overall support and development function, SoU, (formerly the Municipal Management Office) mainly includes the functions personnel, finance, purchasing, IT, attractiveness and growth and administrative service and consists of approximately 100 employees. The function must ensure the municipality's ability to face the future where digitalisation, communication and business development are three priority areas. Administration is subordinate to the municipal board.

Job duties

You have the overall personnel and work environment responsibility within the administration. You are part of the municipality's management team, which consists of the municipal manager and other administrative managers. As head of administration, you are co-responsible for managing and developing Gällivare Municipality. You have the main responsibility for leading and developing the administration and clarifying roles together with and through your management team consisting of five department heads. You also have operational responsibility for employees who work with development together with business and other stakeholders. An important task is to create the conditions for efficient operations, manage the supply of skills and develop the organization. In the role of deputy municipal director, you are an advisor and stand in for the regular municipal director. Together, you are responsible for the overall strategic management and support to the political level and coordinate administration-wide issues.


We are looking for you with an academic degree in e.g. law, economics or political science and several years of experience as a manager and leader. You also need to have experience of strategic work, preferably in politically controlled operations. You have good knowledge in the field of operations and experience in operational and quality development. In your previous roles, you have been part of creating the conditions for a good working environment. As a person, you have good cooperation and communication skills, are transparent, clear and without prestige. You are determined and can make decisions and ensure implementation and follow-up. It is important that you have a solid understanding of what it means to work in a politically controlled organization and that you can cooperate with political management and trade unions. You have an engaging and inspiring way of leading that makes use of and develops the staff's competence where all employees in the organization get and can develop their full potential. Within the framework of the National Minority Languages ​​Act, Gällivare municipality is the administrative municipality for Sami, Meänkieli and Finnish. Knowledge of one of these languages ​​is meritorious when applying for employment in Gällivare municipality. Great emphasis is placed on personal suitability.


With your application, we want you to include a CV and a personal letter. Original documents are provided on request. The position is security classified - A security check will be carried out before a decision on employment is made.

Working hours/Duration

Full-time permanent employment. We apply probationary employment.


We apply individual salary setting. Please state salary claims in your application.


Access: By agreement .

Application deadline: 2024-08-30


Municipal director Jon Åström Gröndahl, can be reached at

Or Human Resources Manager Anna Johansson Miettinen until 2020-06-28 or Tf during the summer.

Emma Keränen 2024-07-01 to 2024-07-13 phone 0970–818149

Monica Larsson 2024-07-15 until 2024-08-04 phone 0970–818288

Union representatives

The leaders


Academic Union SSR


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