Production Manager
Boden, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Production manager, manufacturing
Work model On location
Application due date 13 December 2024
Are you the one?

Research shows that women and other under-represented groups within our industry hesitate to apply unless they tick most boxes of a role description. At H2 Green Steel, we are building an impact company with sustainability at its core. We need a diverse, inclusive, and authentic team to rally behind our purpose of de-carbonizing hard-to-abate industries, starting with steel.So, if you are equally passionate about our purpose yet concerned that your experience doesn’t perfectly align with the qualifications stated in the job advert, we strongly encourage you to apply anyway. You may be just the right candidate, either for this role – or for another upcoming role in our rapidly growing business.

About us:

H2 Green Steel is on a mission to disrupt the global steel industry by producing green steel, with the end goal of bringing down CO2 emissions to zero. By using green hydrogen and fossil-free electricity instead of coal; water and heat will be our primary emissions. By 2030, our ambition is to produce 5 million tonnes of green steel annually in our fully integrated, digitalized, and sustainable plant in Boden, located in northern Sweden - currently in construction phase. But this is just the beginning – our expertise in green hydrogen will enable us to decarbonize other industries in addition to steel, and we look forward to what’s next in store for us.

We are looking for talented, innovative, and purpose-driven people to join our rapidly growing and diverse team. Our employees get to learn everyday, implement the latest technology and test and put their ideas into practice. Together, we are building an impact company with sustainability at its core – for our people, customers, investors, society, and planet.Production Manager:We are seeking an experienced and dynamic Production Manager to join our team. In this position you willbe responsible for building, establishing, and developing a robust safety culture across the organization. This role includes taking an active role in creating a safe work environment by participating in the development and maintenance of process control and safety practices. As a production manager, you will be joining the organization in an early stage of the company and will thus be making sure the steel mill gets up and running before the launch of the steel production. We're recruiting a production manager for each of the following areas:

  • Production Manager -Meltshop
  • Production Manager - Casting
  • Production Manager - Hot rolling mill
  • Production Manager - Cold mill
  • Production Manager - Galvanizing


  • Build, establish and develop a robust safety culture across the organization. Take responsibility to contribute to a safe work environment actively participating in the development and upkeep of process control and safety practices.
  • Overall operational responsibility for personnel, HSE, performance and budget within the production department.
  • Lead the organization in achieving goals and objectives and monitor progress toward achieving them.
  • Lead the team, providing mentorship and guidance to Production Supervisors
  • Ensure the organization's compliance with all relevant industry regulations and standards.
  • Lead the department`s development of working methods, investment plan and continuous improvements.
  • Follow up operations to ensure efficient, safe and quality controlled processes.
  • Foster an innovative and inclusive organizational culture with focus on continuous improvements and cross-functional collaboration.


  • Academic degree in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering or related field or equivalent
  • 5-7 years of relevant experience in process, production or maintenance.
  • Good knowledge in relevant industry regulations, best practices and compliance standards.
  • Strong understanding of process optimization and lean principles
  • Proficiency in using relevant software and tools e.g. office suite, maintenance systems, information system, follow-up system and purchase systems
  • Very good process knowledge
  • Ability to combine long-term thinking with the ongoing work in the department.
  • Good leadership skills, ability to develop the group and the department.
  • Very good oral and written skills in English. Basic Swedish skills is seen as a plus.

What we can offer you

If you are passionate about making actual change and having a positive impact on society and our planet, H2 Green Steel offers a unique opportunity to be part of a fun and professional team with high ambitions.

You will get the opportunity to shape your future career together with a company focusing on creating a culture where everyone can thrive and feel a sense of belonging. In the end, we know that H2 Green Steel’s growth and success is dependent on our people and we can’t wait to shape the future of steelmaking and other industries together as a team.