Environmental inspector
Luleå, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Environmental and health protection inspector
Work model On location
Application due date 5 August 2024
Are you the one?
LULEÅ + THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD + GREEN INDUSTRY + CAREER + UNIVERSITY CITY + DREAM JOB + SECURITY + MIDNIGHT LIGHT + ARCHIPELAGO + CLOSENESS + LIFE PUZZLE + ROLE PLAY + YOU Do you also want to play a role? Luleå municipality is one of Norrbotten's largest employers and is a city with great faith in the future. All our professions have something in common; we are of great importance, we make a difference, we create the conditions for a sustainable society and quality of life for today's and tomorrow's Luleå residents. The environment and construction department is part of the infrastructure and service administration and is part of the municipality's social construction. Eyes are turned north and large business establishments are underway in our city. Added to that is an innovative business community and a university with world-class research. At the environmental section, you have an important mission and work with issues that affect society and the residents in the short and long term. Besides, we have fun at work! Do you enjoy having both the office, home and field as your workplace? Do you have a good ability to create trusting relationships? Do you have good communication skills? Good! Then apply for the position as an environmental inspector with us and make it easier for our customers to do the right thing and work for a sustainable environment together with us! WORK DUTIES We are now looking for an environmental inspector who can strengthen our group in the health protection team. As an environmental inspector, you are offered a varied job! You will work with many parts within the area of ​​the Environmental Code, from supervision and testing to information and advice. This means a wonderful mix between work in the field and in the office. The work also includes handling incoming cases of various kinds. You make demands and make decisions in your role as an authority executive, the work involves a great deal of personal responsibility and your own drive. Your assignment also includes preventive work in the form of a. informative and collaborative assignments both externally and internally. Contact with the public, entrepreneurs and other authorities is a large part of the daily work, and it is therefore important that you have good communication skills and can express yourself in an easy-to-understand way, both in speech and in writing. QUALIFICATIONS You have an academic degree that is linked to the position and that the employer deems relevant to the assignment. It is advantageous if you have worked with supervision regarding health protection or other work with the Environmental Code and the Administrative Act. The work involves many contacts with entrepreneurs, which means that it is important that you enjoy meeting people and taking part in their questions and giving advice in connection with the inspection. You need to be able to work independently, but in the team we support each other in various matters, cooperate and have a non-prestige approach towards each other. It is therefore important that you are flexible and adaptable. We are curious about who you are and what you can contribute. If you recognize yourself in the above description and are interested in working with us, you are most welcome with your application! For the job, you need a B driver's license, the municipality has both a car and a bicycle available. The application period has been extended, but selection is ongoing, so don't hesitate to apply today! OTHER Together we play an important role. Every day, all year round, for Luleå. We want to create good conditions for you and a sustainable working life. With us, it is important that you develop, thrive, feel good and feel job satisfaction. We have many benefits such as wellness allowance and the possibility to rent accommodation in Riksgränsen and Stockholm. Together we work for Framtidens Luleå with space for at least 100,000 Luleå residents. Right now, there is a restructuring and reestablishment of the industry here in the north. The industries are converting to fossil-free production and the conditions are here with us. This means great opportunities for our municipality to create more Luleå for more Luleå residents and increase the pace of community development. We strive for an even gender distribution and see diversity as a strength, we welcome employees with different backgrounds and work to ensure that our workplaces are accessible to everyone. Luleå municipality sees full-time as a right and part-time as an opportunity. It is advantageous if you have knowledge of Finnish, Sami and/or Meänkieli, as these national minority languages ​​are common in our operations. Tip! Curious about Luleå? www.flyttatilllulea.se Curious about work? www.lulea.se/ledigajobb Follow us on Luleå Municipality's LinkedIn