Principal of Kråkberg School
Luleå, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Principal
Work model On location
Application due date 4 August 2024
Are you the one?
LULEÅ + THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD + GREEN INDUSTRY + CAREER + UNIVERSITY CITY + DREAM JOB + SECURITY + MIDNIGHT LIGHT + ARCHIPELAGO + CLOSENESS + LIFE PUZZLE + ROLE PLAY + YOU Do you also want to play a role? Luleå municipality is one of Norrbotten's largest employers and is a city with great faith in the future. All our professions have something in common; we are of great importance, we make a difference, we create the conditions for a sustainable society and quality of life for today's and tomorrow's Luleå residents. How nice that you are interested in working with us at Kråkberg School! Kråkbergsskolan, grade 79, is located in the middle of the Sunderbyn district. The school is planned and shaped based on an idea of ​​meaningful learning in wholes with care for the students' all-round development. The school has a good study environment with nice classrooms and proximity to all halls and to the sports field and sports hall. In the heart of the school you will find our square where students and teachers meet and socialize. There is the school's student cafeteria, which is managed by a school hostess. Experienced and committed educators and professionals work at the school and here we believe in creating community together, building relationships, participation and a good atmosphere. In autumn 2025, we will further develop our operations when we open Luleå municipality's first resource school in our premises. If you want to work based on trust with a driven staff, in an organization that is characterized by high collaboration, we believe that this is the right role for you. WORK DUTIES The assignment as principal includes leading and planning the systematic quality work with the development of the business in focus. As principal, you are responsible for finances, personnel, work environment, quality and school development. You are the employer's extended arm. The principal is responsible for the unit working on the basis of governing documents, following up, evaluating and taking improvement measures based on decisions made. The principal must, within given financial frameworks, organize for learning, where collegial cooperation, varied and formative teaching are key words. The headmaster must promote cooperation with the aim of increasing the school's achievement of goals. Together with other principals within the primary school, area manager, operations manager and operations developer, you are part of a team where collaboration is a watchword. QUALIFICATIONS To be eligible for the role, you need an adequate university education and have previous experience of working in school operations. You have pedagogical insight through education and experience. You are welcome to have experience as a leader, such as a principal or other personnel manager. If you have rector's training or other management training, it is meritorious. If you have not completed the rector's program, you will receive permanent employment as an employee and an appointment as rector for 3 years. If you have completed the rector's program, you are offered permanent employment as rector. We are looking for someone who is stable, confident and cooperative. Working according to a clear process comes naturally to you and you organize and plan your work well. You finish what you started. You are a committed and confident leader with the ability to create and maintain a positive work culture. As a person, you are action-oriented, committed and have good judgement. We believe that your employees perceive you as confident and clear and at the same time friendly and warm. Your ability to build strong relationships and foster collaboration will be essential in the role. We put great emphasis on your personal characteristics. OTHER Together we play an important role. Every day, all year round, for Luleå. We want to create good conditions for you and a sustainable working life. With us, it is important that you develop, thrive, feel good and feel job satisfaction. We have many benefits such as wellness allowance and the possibility to rent accommodation in Riksgränsen and Stockholm. Together we work for Framtidens Luleå with space for at least 100,000 Luleå residents. Right now, there is a restructuring and reestablishment of the industry here in the north. The industries are converting to fossil-free production and the conditions are here with us. This means great opportunities for our municipality to create more Luleå for more Luleå residents and increase the pace of community development. We strive for an even gender distribution and see diversity as a strength, we welcome employees with different backgrounds and work to ensure that our workplaces are accessible to everyone. Luleå municipality sees full-time as a right and part-time as an opportunity. It is advantageous if you have knowledge of Finnish, Sami and/or Meänkieli, as these national minority languages ​​are common in our operations. Tip! Curious about Luleå? Curious about work? Follow us on Luleå Municipality's LinkedIn