Childminders and preschool assistants
Skellefteå, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Nanny
Work model On location
Application due date 4 August 2024
Are you the one?
In Skellefteå municipality, we work together across borders, in a work culture characterized by an unusually strong belief in the future. Work as a nanny and preschool assistant in Europe's most expansive region. We are looking for nannies and preschool assistants who want every child to discover, learn and be based on their own conditions! At Skellefteå municipality, we work to give children tools that help them understand and find their way in both the present and the future. Education in preschool must lay the foundation for lifelong learning. It should be fun, safe and educational for all children. Together with the homes, the preschool must promote the children's development into active, creative, competent and responsible people and members of society. Skellefteå municipality has a joint management for applications for the services within the preschool. In connection with your application, you will be able to indicate which areas you are interested in applying to. Below you can see the current needs - note that these may change: Lejonström/Medle Anderstorp/Sörböle/Gummark Sunnanå/Skråmträsk/Klutmark Moröbacke/Moröhöjden Skelleftehamn/Örviken/Yttre Ursviken Norrböle/Norrbacka/Älvsbacka Here you can read more about the preschools in Skellefteå municipality: WORK DUTIES Together with the colleagues in the business, you create a safe and educational environment where each child becomes their best self. To promote the children's development, you will lead and participate in various activities, games and adventures both indoors and outdoors. You will be involved in the activities and teaching in such a way that the goals and intentions of the curriculum are met. This can mean developing and stimulating the children's social competence, language, mathematical thinking and environmental awareness by planning, implementing and following up activities based on the educational planning. Communicating and working closely with guardians is something you take responsibility for. You work actively with the company's values ​​and equal treatment plan and are a role model for the children in terms of human rights, equality and respect for each other's differences. Constant development of the business is important to us, and you are involved and have an influence there. QUALIFICATIONS We are looking for you who value joyful learning and contribute to ensuring that play has a central place in education. We also see that you value differences and welcome innovation and creativity. You carry out your work in a trust-inspiring manner and have an ability to put yourself in other people's perspectives and are good at communicating in Swedish both in speech and in writing. You must be able to quickly switch between different tasks based on need and be able to handle unplanned changes during the day. It is also important to have good IT skills to handle documentation and communication with digital tools. You have upper secondary education from the children's and leisure program with a social or educational orientation, or alternatively a degree from vocational education childcare 1300 points via the adult education. Other education and/or previous work with people is considered meritorious and is interesting to us! It is also advantageous if you have previously worked in a preschool. It is important that you have sufficiently good physical conditions to cope with the tasks the work entails. Remember to attach the grades when you make the application. B driving license is a requirement in certain areas. Skellefteå municipality is a Finnish and Sami administrative municipality, so it is advantageous if you know Finnish or Sami. If you also know sign language, we see it as an asset in our operations. OTHER Education and the labor market is one of the municipality's largest administrations with approximately 3,000 employees. Our operations are located throughout the municipality with approximately 35 primary schools, 87 preschools, 40 after-school centers and three high schools. We work to ensure that children and young people have the tools they need to find their way in both the present and the future. We work for a holistic view and a common thread in development and learning from preschool to upper secondary school. A growing adult education and a labor market unit with a focus on those who need extra support are also part of the administration. In order to work within Education and labor market activities, you are required to submit an extract from the employment register. You order the extract for school and childcare yourself at It is valid for one year and must be renewed thereafter. Read more about Skellefteå here: Contact from recruitment and staffing companies and advertising vendors is prohibited.