Deputy headmaster Bergsbyskolan
Skellefteå, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Assistant principal
Work model On location
Application due date 18 August 2024
Are you the one?
Do you want to be involved in leading the development within the primary school? Then you can be our new assistant principal for the Flora School! Floraskolan is located on Morön with proximity to electric light tracks and forest area. On the school grounds is also the Florahallen, which consists of an athletics hall and a full-size sports hall. Together with Bergsbyskolan, Flora School forms a headmaster's area. The school management works for the principal's area together in a team, consisting of a principal and four assistant principals, where three assistant principals are placed at the Flora school. Skellefteå is in the middle of an extraordinary social transformation, where many more people will live and live. With the increasing demand for specialist skills, more English-speaking families are expected to move to the municipality. To facilitate their move in, Floraskolan can offer primary school education partly in English. In the primary school department, we work actively to ensure the quality of children's right to development and learning, based on an equal perspective for the entire municipality of Skellefteå. This creates the conditions for good collaboration both in the local headmaster's area and in the collaboration teams. As a leader in Skellefteå municipality, you have an important role in an organization where we work on behalf of the residents. Here, most of all, we work for others and also for each other. Welcome to us! WORK DUTIES As an assistant principal, you are directly subordinate to the principal. You have finance and personnel responsibility and are responsible for the direct pedagogical leadership where you lead the daily work for your employees and for the business. You are also responsible for everyday follow-up work environment work and ongoing local issues. Your main task will be to be responsible for the operations at Floraskolan. Together with the principal and two additional assistant principals, you lead the pedagogical development work as well as the systematic quality work. The position also includes being responsible for processes that apply to the entire principal's area. This could be, for example, quality development, local issues, competence provision and competence development. You are also part of the school's student health team. Depending on the conditions in each principal's area, the principal can also delegate other areas of responsibility, provided that it follows the delegations in the school law, school regulations and the municipal management. QUALIFICATIONS We are looking for someone who, through experience and education, has acquired a good pedagogical insight into the business. You have sufficiently good language skills in Swedish to adapt your own message to the conditions of the target group. In addition, you have good oral and written skills in English. To work as an assistant principal, a pedagogical university education is required and that you have completed, are going or are prepared to start the principal's program. It is advantageous if you previously had financial, personnel and work environment responsibility. As a person, you find it easy to create structure in your everyday work and can plan and run your own work. For you, it is easy to put forward your case, win the respect of others, argue and be listened to. You have good cooperation skills and an interest and willingness to work based on trust-based management and control. You are confident in your leadership role and have the ability to make decisions in a professional manner and drive the work and the business forward. Persons who, in their work, will be in after-school centers or primary schools must submit an extract from the employment register. Interviews may take place continuously, so do not hesitate to send in your application.