Do you want to work as a care assistant and make a difference in care and social care?
Skellefteå, Sweden
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Care assistant
Work model On location
Application due date 4 August 2024
Are you the one?
In Skellefteå municipality, we work together across borders, in a work culture characterized by an unusually strong belief in the future. We are now looking for care assistants who want to work in Europe's most expansive region and contribute to building the care and care of the future. As a care assistant, you will be part of a work team where we work most of all for others but also for each other. Within the social office's care and social care department, we provide support to people throughout Skellefteå municipality. Together, we design a support that contributes to a meaningful everyday life with good care. Every day, for the whole of Skellefteå. Welcome to become one of us! We are looking for care assistants for the following home care areas: Anderstorg Anderstorp Erikslid Center Moröbacke Skelleftehamn (temporary 6-12 months) We are looking for care assistants for the following nursing homes: Bureågården, Bureå Dammen, Brännan Hedvigsgården, Kåge The height, Moröbacke The rainbow, Anderstorp Sunnanäng, Sunnanå Comfort, Letdown Here you can read more about the respective care and care homes: WORK DUTIES The work in care and social care consists of helping and encouraging individuals in their everyday lives to cope with daily tasks based on their own abilities. You will perform care duties based on the decisions that have been made. This means that you support the individual based on their needs with, for example, transfers and help with personal hygiene. The work includes documenting, planning and organizing the daily work. As a care assistant, you will be the contact person and, together with the individual, write an implementation plan and make sure to follow it. The work is carried out in close collaboration with colleagues, relatives and other resource persons. QUALIFICATIONS We are looking for you who enjoy helping people and find it easy to put yourself in other people's situations. It is natural for you to show respect for the wishes and needs of others. You enjoy collaborating with others and are good at finding solutions together to reach our common goal. Since working with people involves constant changes, it is important that you can adapt and maintain a good mood. It is important that you can speak and write in Swedish so that the individuals and colleagues understand you, while at the same time you need to be able to adapt how you express yourself based on the different abilities of others. It is important that you have sufficiently good physical conditions to cope with the tasks the work entails. We would like to know that you have had a job where you have dealt with people in different situations. It is also meritorious if you have completed training to become a care assistant or similar training. If you have experience in caring for people and have knowledge of cognitive disorders, we also see that as an advantage. At some of our workplaces, a B driving license is required. Skellefteå municipality is a Finnish and Sami administrative municipality, it is therefore advantageous if you know Finnish. If you also know sign language, we see it as an asset in our operations. OTHER The Social Office's employees provide care, concern and support to people throughout Skellefteå. They can be elderly, people with physical or mental disabilities or individuals and families in need of special support for a period. Our operations are located all over the municipality and we have specialists in several areas within care, care, nutrition, support and activation for the disabled, substance abuse treatment, family counseling and much more. With empathy, knowledge and commitment, the social office contributes to creating a Skellefteå where everyone has a place. Read more about Skellefteå here: Contact from recruitment and staffing companies and advertising vendors is prohibited.