Firefighters to several locations in the municipality
Skellefteå, Sweden
Type of Employment Part-time
Job position Fire-fighter
Work model On location
Application due date 1 December 2024
Are you the one?
In Skellefteå municipality, we work together across borders, in a work culture characterized by an unusually strong belief in the future. With us, every working day is about the municipality functioning and developing as well as possible for everyone who lives and works here. In both urban areas, communities and villages. It is not straightforward. Priorities of time, competence and commitment rarely are. But we can promise that it will almost always be worth it. Most of all, we work for others and each other. Then that feeling of having made a difference is quite hard to beat. Now the Rescue Service in Skellefteå Municipality is looking for firefighters. The rescue service is part of the civil engineering administration. In the municipality, there are eleven fire stations and a rescue guard which are located around the municipality. The largest fire station, where all full-time staff are located, is located in central Skellefteå. Today, approximately 170 people work as firefighters at our RIB stations (rescue personnel on standby) around the municipality. But we need to become more - women and men with different backgrounds. We are therefore looking for firefighters for the RIB stations in Kåge, Fällfors, Byske, Jörn, Boliden, Skelleftehamn, Bureå, Lövånger, Burträsk and Bygdsiljum. Perhaps you will strengthen one of our corps shortly? Then you become an important resource for our society and an asset in the safety work at your workplace. In Skellefteå municipality, you make a real difference to everyone who lives and works here. Welcome with your application! WORK DUTIES Being a firefighter means that you are employed by the rescue service in Skellefteå. The rescue service pays for the time you participate in calls, exercises and training. You also receive contingency allowance. A RIB force has around 40-50 alarms per year. On average, each alarm takes an hour. How your standby time is laid out varies. Ideally, we want you to be on standby for whole weeks, but depending on where you live and work, it may also be possible to be on standby in the evenings, nights or during the day. QUALIFICATIONS You can become a firefighter (RIB) if: • you have turned 18 years old • you at least have a B driving licence • you have good communication skills in Swedish, both spoken and written • you are healthy and in good shape • you live or work so you can be at the fire station within the set time, normally 5 minutes • you pass our recruitment tests • you enjoy working with people • you have the consent of your employer and your family The rescue service in Skellefteå follows MSB's (The Authority for Community Protection and Preparedness) training program. This is how the steps look in brief: 1. You start with a day trial in Skellefteå. 2. You then attend a 2-week long training at MSB, either in Luleå, Sundsvall or Rosersberg, Course 1A. 3. This is followed by a 2-week long training in Skellefteå which includes Course 1B and smoke diving. 4. After this far in the training, you can start to be part of a preparedness group in your hometown and go to alarms. 5. However, the training is not finished, but you must supplement it with a 3-week long training in Luleå, Sundsvall or Rosersberg, Course 2. An individual training plan is determined for each person in connection with employment. For practical reasons, most people are usually followed throughout the entire training period. Taking a C driving license (lorry license) is also included in the training. The plan is for everyone to have completed the entire training package within two years. OTHER Community planning ensures that streets and squares, communities and residential areas function as well as possible for everyone who lives and works here. The assignment includes planning, advice, supervision and a lot of long-term development issues with connection to physical planning, streets and parks, transport and service, emergency services, sweeping and water and waste. With technology of good quality and diversity, both in terms of business areas, personnel and technical development, we make a growing Skellefteå possible. Read more about Skellefteå here: Contact from recruitment and staffing companies and advertising vendors is prohibited.