Staffing administrator
Skellefteå, Sweden
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Personnel administrator
Work model On location
Application due date 11 August 2024
Are you the one?
With us, every working day is about the municipality functioning and developing as well as possible for everyone who lives and works here. It is not straightforward. Priorities of time, competence and commitment rarely are. But we can promise that it will almost always be worth it. We are looking for a service-oriented staffing administrator for the Staffing Center which belongs to the social office's staff development unit and who supports the Care and Care department with a temporary position. The Staffing Center is responsible for the administration of staffing, recruitment and staffing, and the Staffing Center's customers are managers, employees and users within Support and Service and Care and Care. WORK DUTIES As a staffing administrator, you will be responsible for coordinating the need for short-term temporary workers. Bookings of substitutes are made through the staffing system TimeCare Pool. Your duties also include supporting the business's managers in staffing and introducing new substitutes into the system. The work must be characterized by professional treatment, respectful customer dialogue and a positive attitude towards development and improvement. The staffing center is open every day of the year, which means that you will also work on some weekends. QUALIFICATIONS We are looking for someone who has experience in administrative work and has a high school or college education. You are clear in your communication in Swedish, both in speech and writing, and feel comfortable using digital tools and can quickly familiarize yourself with different systems. In order to succeed in the assignment, a good ability to cooperate with colleagues and managers is required, while you push your work forward in an independent way. You are good at structuring and planning your work while being flexible and accommodating when conditions and needs change. With your positive attitude, you contribute to development and improvement. OTHER The Social Office's employees provide care, concern and support to people throughout Skellefteå. They can be elderly, people with physical or mental disabilities or individuals and families in need of special support for a period. Our operations are located all over the municipality and we have specialists in several areas within care, care, nutrition, support and activation for the disabled, substance abuse treatment, family counseling and much more. With empathy, knowledge and commitment, the social office contributes to creating a Skellefteå where everyone has a place. Read more about Skellefteå here: Contact from recruitment and staffing companies and advertising vendors is prohibited.