Temporary workers - group housing, short-term shelter, personal assistance, daily activities
Skellefteå, Sweden
Type of Employment Part-time
Job position Support assistant
Work model On location
Application due date 29 September 2024
Are you the one?
In Skellefteå municipality, we work together across borders, in a work culture characterized by an unusually strong belief in the future. We are now looking for you who want to be part of a work team where we work most of all for others - but also for each other. Skellefteå is preparing to grow significantly in the coming years. With more people, the need for good care also increases, and here we strive for everyone to be able to live life as best as possible with the right care. Read more about what it's like to work with us here: https://skelleftea.se/stodassistent In Skellefteå municipality, you make a real difference to everyone who lives and works here. Welcome with your application! WORK DUTIES GROUP HOUSING/SERVICE HOUSING The work as a support assistant or support staff in a group home or serviced home includes supporting people in personal care, practical tasks, leisure activities and social contacts. You are also a support in the accommodation's educational activities. SHORT-TERM HOMES/SHORT-TERM CARE FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE The work as a support assistant or support staff in a child and youth activity includes supporting children and young people with personal care and social contacts. The children's and youth activities consist of short-term care homes and leisure activities at junior high school and high school. PERSONAL ASSISTANCE/ACCOMPANY/REPRESENTATIVE As a personal assistant, you work in the person's home and your tasks are based on the individual's wishes and needs. The duties may include, among other things, medical interventions, personal care, practical tasks, leisure activities and social contacts. As a companion, you enable people with disabilities to be able to participate in social life and engage in leisure activities. As a substitute, you temporarily take over supervision and care in a child/youth's or adult's home to give parents or partners relief, recovery and the opportunity to carry out their own activities. DAILY ACTIVITIES As a support assistant or support staff, you support the individual to develop through meaningful employment, educational methods and a salutogenic approach. Daily operations have a wide range of different activities, some are integrated in companies, administrations and associations. The work is daytime. QUALIFICATIONS We are looking for someone who is responsible, confident and flexible. You find it easy to create relationships and are attentive and responsive to others. You enjoy working both independently and together with others. It is advantageous if you have knowledge or previous experience of working with people with functional variations, children and young people, nursing work, pedagogy or TAKK/AKK. It is important that you have sufficiently good physical conditions to cope with the tasks the work entails. Being able to speak and write in Swedish is a requirement because at work you need to communicate with different people and keep social documentation. In order to be able to work as a support assistant or support staff in a child and youth activity and in personal assistance, you need to submit an extract from the burden register. You apply for it yourself via the police's website. The extract is called "Working with children with disabilities". Feel free to apply for the extract from the debit register already when you make your application. You do not need to attach a personal letter to your application. OTHER The Social Office's employees provide care, concern and support to people throughout Skellefteå. They can be elderly, people with physical or mental disabilities or individuals and families in need of special support for a period. Our operations are located all over the municipality and with us there are specialists in several areas within care, care, nutrition, support and activation for the disabled, substance abuse treatment, family counseling and much more. With empathy, knowledge and commitment, the social office contributes to creating a Skellefteå where everyone has a place. Read more about Skellefteå here: https://skelleftea.se