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Housing in Boden


Housing in Boden

Find your dream home in Boden

Boden is growing rapidly and expanding its current housing market. Whether you want to rent, purchase an existing house, or build your dream house, we have plenty of options!

Renting in Boden

If you are not ready to purchase a flat, house, or plot of land, Boden has plenty of rental options to explore, from student housing to downtown apartments to single-family residences.

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Purchasing a home in Boden

In Boden, we have downtown flats for sale, horse farms along the river, houses in new developments, and homes in more rural settings. Whatever your preference, we think you will find something you love in our diverse housing market. In Boden, the average price for a house is approximately 150,000 Euro and the average price for a condo is approximately 75,000 Euro.

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Housing in Boden

Build your dream home in Boden

In Boden, there is no waitlist for purchasing a plot of land, as is commonplace in many Swedish municipalities. Rather, once a new plot is ready for development, it is made public and is sold on a first come, first serve basis. The land prices in Boden are relatively low, and Boden is consistently ranked as one the best and fastest cities concerning issuing building permits. 

Boden currently has plots available in both rural and urban settings, where you get the opportunity to build your dream house near what is most important to you!

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Housing in Boden