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Where to Eat & Drink


Where to Eat & Drink

Diverse culinary experiences with a local twist

Whether you are looking for fine dining, street food or simply wish to enjoy a drink with friends after work, there is a diversity of options available in Boden. 

At the extraordinary Arctic Bath, a breathtaking resort, restaurant and spa floating on a river outside of Boden, you can enjoy the flavors from northern Sweden at their finest. And just minutes from the Arctic Bath is the world-renowned Tree Hotel, where you can literally sleep in the trees and dine under the northern lights. 

In Sörbyn, you will find Kallkällan, a restaurant located on a tranquil lake, where food is made from locally sourced products. Restaurant Kallkällan also has a second location in Boden Business Park, serving the business community of Boden with a diverse array of lunch options each day. 

Where to Eat & Drink


Or would you like to support our up-and-coming young chefs? The local high school has a program called Restaurang- och Livsmedelsprogrammet, where the students prepare the food at restaurant Viljan. 

Simply looking for a place to winddown after a hectic day? Then visit Bryggmästarn and enjoy a pint of local beer.

Explore the Arctic Bath

Tree Hotel

Restaurant Kallkällan

Restaurant Viljan

Pub Bryggmästarn

Where to Eat & Drink