Carina Sammeli - The Mayor & Her Horse 

You are not originally from Luleå. What about this city convinced you that this was the place to call home?

Luleå is big enough to have everything, but small enough to have everything close. I moved here because I thought this was the city where I wanted to have a family.

If you had to point out the single best thing about living in northern Sweden, what would it be?

The people! Friendly, honest, and hardworking. 

The current estimate is that we need to attract 100 000 new residents to northern Sweden to fulfill the promise of the green industrial revolution taking place here. If you could speak directly to some of those talents considering making Luleå their new home, what would you say to make them take the leap?

In Luleå you can have a good life. You can have an interesting and challenging career, but also a nice home, with nature and the ocean as close as a city life.

It’s almost impossible to comprehend the scale of the projects that are planned for this city and region, especially as it relates to developing game changing green technologies like fossil-free steel and raw materials. With your front seat view of this transition, where do you think Luleå will be in 10 years?

Luleå- and Norrbotten will be much bigger. New industries have started, but even more, the city will grow. The skyline of Luleå is changing, more people will live here- both in the city center and the rural areas.  And I hope we will have a new cultural scene and more sports arenas.