Why I never left. 

Daniel Holmgren was born in 1980, and raised in Hertsön, a neighborhood in Luleå, together with his mother, father and older brother. From early childhood, Daniel devoted time to music and creative pursuits, including film and photography.  

Nature has always been near and dear to his heart. And a fishing trip on the blue pod has never been turned down. In 2000, Daniel joined as guitarist in the already established band, Raised Fist. With roots in hardcore, punk & rock'n'roll, the band has left a big impression on audiences worldwide with seven full-length albums. When he is not on tour with his rock band, he works full-time as a photographer, after many years in the entertainment and culture industry. 

Even though he easily could have left for a bigger city, Daniel chose to remain in his hometown and still cultivate an international career. As Daniel explains, “Luleå is a fantastic city. In all respects, I would like to say. Here you can find everything and more. The people, the seasons, the nature. Everything is a stone's throw away. We live in a lovely and developing city and I am extremely grateful that I get to work together with so many entrepreneurs in all possible fields.”  

Daniel is also really grateful to be able to work with what he loves most every day. As he explains, “It is absolutely fantastic to get to work with what you are really passionate about. Being able to live on one's passion has always been my dream, and I am incredibly happy I dared to fully test my wings.”