Klas Dagertun – The CEO & His Dog 

You are originally from Luleå. What about this city convinced you to stay and continue to call this place your home?  

I was born and raised in Luleå. For four years, in the late 90s, I lived in Gothenburg when I worked in Denmark and on the west coast. It was valuable to meet new people and have new experiences. When my then girlfriend and I, who is now my wife, started planning for a new life with family, we felt that northern Sweden was still the place where we wanted to create our family.  

Luleå is just the right size and the proximity to nature, the sea, our hobbies and roots. I've never regretted that decision for a second. This is my home. Northern lights, spring winter, midnight sun, security and the positive mentality of the people up here – I love it! 

If you had to point out the single best thing about living in northern Sweden, what would it be? 

The proximity to nature. Of course! We live on patch of land from Lapponia and next to one of Sweden's most beautiful archipelagos. 

The current estimate is that we need to attract 100 000 new residents to northern Sweden to fulfill the promise of the green industrial revolution taking place here. If you could speak directly to some of those talents considering making northern Sweden their new home, what would you say to make them take the leap? 

Balance in life is incredibly important. Northern Sweden, I think, has exceptionally good conditions to contribute to this. There must be a sensible solution to the equation of work, leisure, everyday life, recreation and harmony. You can find it here. 

It’s almost impossible to comprehend the scale of the projects that are planned for this region, especially as it relates to developing game changing green technologies like fossil-free steel and raw materials. With your front seat view of this transition, where do you think we will be in 10 years?   

Northern Sweden has a unique position in the sustainability transition that is going on globally right now. We have a secure, green electricity supply. We have a stable social climate. We have the curiosity to develop and be at the forefront of technology.  

Sweden also has a world-class focus on sustainability. I believe that in twenty, thirty years' time, people will talk about northern Sweden as one of the most important places on earth that made possible the movement toward a more sustainable society we need now.