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What we do

At MindDig, we match extraordinary talent with epic companies and employers in regions leading the charge to decarbonize industries and save our planet. We curate careers that are tied to specific regions where talent can find both purpose and an unmatched quality of life. You are more than just your job and we are more than just a jobs board. At MindDig, you can explore careers and the life that awaits you in the greenest cities on earth.

Why we do it

We believe that certain regions around the world will have an outsized impact on saving this planet. These cities are developing green technologies at a rapid pace and an unprecedented scale. And they need talent. A lot of it! Our mission is to convince you to take the leap and move to one of the greenest regions on earth to help us save this planet. We need everyone from doctors and nurses to engineers and entrepreneurs. Join MindDig and discover your purpose.

Green HotSpots

What is a Green Hotspot? These are the cities of the global green transition that are decarbonizing the impossible and looking for extraordinary talent like you!

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The features
The Last CV of Your Life

Fill in the last CV of your life! On MindDig, all of our employers are in one system, so fill in your CV once, and every job is a simple click away. One CV. One-click applications.

Life Beyond Work

You are more than just your job. And MindDig is more than just a jobs board. Explore both careers and the cities where those jobs are located. Discover your purpose. Explore your new life.

AI-Powered Career Matches

We use the latest in generative AI to instantly match your talent profile to epic careers. Fill in your CV and let the matching begin!

and more
Apply Together

We link talent that are in relationships via Apply Together, so employers can help the main recruit and their plus one find jobs. And soon entire teams will be able to apply together.

MindDig Live

We showcase careers in a geographical context, so talent can learn about careers opportunities and explore the lifestyle of the region simultaneously.

Application Manager

Talent can manage all of their applications in one place via the career manager, reducing the hassle of finding their dream job.

Curated Careers

We work hard to find the most interesting and impactful careers for talent, with a mission to find talent their dream job.


Explore epic careers in the greenest regions on earth. Find your new professional adventure today!

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Discover extraordinary talent that are in search of impactful careers, and work in collaboration with some of the most groundbreaking companies on earth. This is recruitment reimagined

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So what do the talent think about the experience?

Modern and time saving
MindDig has turned job searching and self-promotion into a very modern and time saving process that feels fun, exciting, and rewarding as emphasis is put on how YOU can help change the world. - Victor, Student, Luleå Technical University
All in one place
I think MindDig could help me change my life with a new purpose, a new career, and a new place to live – all in one place! - Seith, Operations Administration & Management, Uganda
Made me feel seen as a talent
MindDig is the first platform that made me feel seen as a talent. The platform itself is world-class and professional, and it makes you feel that you are joining something beyond a jobs’ board. It is a movement. - Tamara, Attorney, Australia
Inspires me to want to do better
I’m so impressed with MindDig’s great layout and how easy it is to use. It’s also amazing that you are focusing on employment within the green industry. The fact that you are doing this with the goal of solving the important challenge of climate change, inspires me to want to do better. - Jessica, Maritime Specialist, South Africa
Connects quality of life with job opportunities
I found MindDig in my search for career opportunities in Sweden. I currently live in Colorado but have family connections to northern Sweden. MindDig is the first career site I have found that connected both the quality of life of a region with job opportunities. It created a catalyst for me and my family to finally take the leap and move to a place that is trying to transform industry, reduce global emissions, while also providing the lifestyle my husband and I want for our family. - Therese, Executive Director, USA
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