Assignment as specially qualified contact person 25 – 50%
Boden, Sverige
Type of Employment Part-time
Job position Youth assistant
Work model On location
Are you the one?
Do you want to be involved and contribute to the investments around the biggest challenges of our time, and be able to influence and hand over something for future generations to develop further? Then Boden Municipality is an employer for you! The house is located in Norrbotten's coastal region, only 3 miles from the sea between two river valleys. About 28,000 people live here. Boden is a modern small town with proximity to most everything, which creates a rewarding work and leisure life, what we call neighborhood life. Boden is located in the heart of an establishment-intensive region and is an important part of the green global social transition. Here, a growing society is created, equipped to meet the green new industrialization, with smart and sustainable solutions for cooperation, housing, transport, everyday life and modern business. With strong support from competent colleagues and managers, you gain the courage to dare to try. With us, you gain great confidence in a fantastic environment, where there is an opportunity to develop yourself and others. Do you want to know more about what it is like to work in Boden municipality? Then you can read more here: Assignment as specially qualified contact person 25 50% Individual and family care in Boden is looking for someone who has experience in psychosocial work with young people for assignments as a specially qualified contact person, SKKP. Upon application/expression of interest, you will be contacted by a social worker who conducts investigations/interviews in order to be able to make a suitability assessment. In order to work with young people as SKKP, extracts from the suspicion and charge register are always required. For questions, contact one of the managers at Team Family: AnnaCarin Iggström 0921-622 26 Mona Eriksson 0921-622 30 WORK DUTIES As SKKP, you have the function of an adult who is well established in society who can act as a role model and support for a youth at risk. The target group that can be granted the intervention are children and young people who run an increased risk of abuse or crime due to their own problems, or due to risk factors in the family/close environment. The young people are usually between 12-17 years old. Trust and empathy are seen as fundamental prerequisites for achieving a positive result. The role as SKKP can, for example, involve motivating school, work and leisure activities, providing emotional support in adversity, collaborating with the youth's parents and networks and strengthening the connection to society through introduction to new prosocial contexts. The assignment is remunerated with an hourly wage and compensation for any overheads, it covers approximately 10 hours per week. In some cases, it may be possible to perform two tasks in parallel. QUALIFICATIONS The assignment requires you to be flexible in working hours, it is advantageous if you have a driver's license and your own car. You will have close cooperation with and supervision of the social secretary who is responsible for the youth's efforts. This form of support effort does not constitute employment but is remunerated for the period the assignment is carried out, usually for around six months. In the event that the young person's need for the intervention ceases, the assignment also ceases. OTHER We value an even age and gender distribution and diversity in all professional areas. We have non-smoking working hours. We offer one wellness hour a week and a wellness allowance. Via our health portal, you as an employee can book in to various wellness activities such as massages, try-on training, lectures, etc. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram When you apply for a job with us, we want you to use our e-recruitment system. You can get support in the e-recruitment system via 0771-693 693 Questions about the position are answered by the contact persons in the advertisement. We politely but firmly refuse any contact with media sellers, recruitment sites and the like.
Why you should work with us!

Whether you’re an experienced skier, an advanced equestrian, or just looking to relax with friends over a meal made from exceptional local produce, we have it here in Boden (and likely only minutes from your doorstep!). With world-class ski resorts to the north, incredible islands to explore along the stunning coastline, and diverse cultural experiences in the city center, we promise you’ll always have something exciting from which to chose when you’re in Boden. Come visit us, and experience all that this growing city has to offer! 

Application due date 2024-05-24
About the employer
In Boden, revolutionary industries meet small town life, where your commute may be short, but your impact will be substantial. It also has more horses than humans!