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Imagine living in a city that’s not only leading the fight against climate change but also redefining what´s possible in a net-zero future. The smaller cities of the Nordics are doing just that, and they need your talent to bring their ambitious decarbonization efforts to life. We’re calling on passionate and skilled individuals to join us in these dynamic and growing cities—our "Green Hotspots." Moving to a Nordic Green Hotspot isn’t just a career move—it’s an exciting adventure where your expertise can help shape a sustainable future. Come be a part of the change and help us save this planet!
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The world's first
Green supercluster

The entrepreneurs and the innovators of the Nordics are truly redefining redefining what is possible in terms of both technological breakthroughs and the time in which it takes those breakthroughs to reach the global market.


From fossil free batteries, steel, raw materials, and shipping fuels to a new frontier of space technologies, the leaders of this next (and very green) industrial revolution are ignoring the playbook of the past and following their passions and purpose to save this planet.

The path
to net zero.

The path to net zero industrial clusters of the future is paved when strategic local implementation generates global impact. The most difficult hurdle on the path toward net zero is decarbonizing industrial processes – with just 100 companies responsible for more than 71% of total global emissions. 


To decarbonize the business sectors that resist electrification, a new paradigm must be established. And that is exactly what the innovative companies of the Nordics are doing by creating the world’s most impactful green industrial superclusters, with a focus on a cross-sectoral and co-location approach to optimize synergies in emissions reductions and increase circularity via energy symbiosis and cross-entity waste applications.

It's not all work and no play!

Discover the breathtaking natural beauty of the Nordics in every season. From Sweden's expansive archipelagos to Norway's dramatic fjords and Finland's pristine lakes and unspoiled wilderness, these countries offer endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. Whether hiking through lush forests, kayaking in rushing rivers, or experiencing the magic of the northern lights, the Nordics promise unforgettable experiences that will captivate and inspire.

Small cities.
big impact.

Do we need your talents to fully realize the green industrial revolution of the Nordics? Truthfully, yes, we do! But we don’t believe it’s a compromise. What we offer in return is a life in some of the happiest places on earth – where working professionals don’t have to choose between a dynamic career and time with their families.

In the Nordics, you get to enjoy the quality of life that smaller cities offer, in world-renowned innovative ecosystems that happen to be set amidst the backdrop of the stunning forests, mountains, and the endless coastlines of these breathtaking countries.

Make one of the incredible cities of the Nordics your next home!

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