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Throughout the years, we have been praised for our innovative solutions, and of course for our delicious bread. But also for our focus on workplace satisfaction, equality, and sustainable growth. Our corporate culture is characterized by innovation, heartfelt mindset, and ambition. These traits will also carry us into the future.
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ShoreLink is the link that enables today's and tomorrow's modern industry to reach its customers in a sustainable way. We offer complete logistics solutions that include cargo handling, transport, ship clearance and freight forwarding. And always with a focus on maritime transport. For us, the wave is the way. Today we operate in the ports of Kalix, Luleå, Piteå and Skellefteå. With us you will find 200 innovative and responsible employees as well as 130 efficient machines. Right now, we have a turnover of approximately SEK 340 million, and we aim to be even larger.
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Kilde will engage and challenge through the entire spectrum of communication services; from media and news dissemination to innovation, business development and digitalization.
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Global greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced significantly and within a short period of time. Tackling the climate problem will require a transformation – a significant challenge as global energy consumption is heavily linked to fossil fuels. It requires systemic changes that will take time and require a high degree of collaboration between industry and policy makers.
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AFI has leading expertise in 3D-scanning, rope access, drone services and data processing. We work with innovation, development and new technology to present better work methods, reduce production waste, and create a more efficient workflows in Sweden's heavy industry. The team consists of innovators, inventors, geeks and McGyvers in a lovely mix of ladies and gentlemen, ethnicities, backgrounds, skills and languages which we cherish and want to continue to build on.
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Our strength is applied research for resource-efficient and sustainable industry, and we have solid knowledge and experience when it comes to applying research results in practical industrial applications. Our customers are mainly within the mining, steel and metal industries, but we also work closely with suppliers to these sectors. As a strategic R&D partner, we strengthen our clients’ competitive advantage and contribute to the development of new solutions for processes, materials and products.
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Luleå Energi
With the energy issue at the very heart of the transition to a more sustainable society, we find ourselves leading this transition from its very core. Through strategic collaborations with research and academia, private companies, and other public actors, we are helping to spearhead the technological revolution that is required to bring this transition to fruition.
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Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Join the forefront of cosmic exploration at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. As a pioneer in space science, our institute thrives on pushing boundaries and unravelling the mysteries of our cosmic neighbourhood. Your career in space science begins here, at IRF.
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Isar Aerospace
Space will become a key platform for many industries worldwide using satellite-based technologies. From automotive to telecommunications, satellites advance technologies on Earth and bring new capabilities of IoT, data encryption, data storage and observation to life. These applications include smart farming, water resource and fertilizer optimization and surveillance to tackle climate change.
The green industry initiatives in northern Sweden are revolutionising the playing field. The construction and civil engineering sector is the bridge to the future. The transition is happening now!
65 jobs available
At AFRY, we have deep knowledge across industries and geographies and are at the forefront of technology, design and innovation. We are uniquely placed to solve challenges faced by our clients. Through our clients and partners, we can influence positive development for future society, and reduce climate impact. Welcome and join us.
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Bring your experiences, engagement and your way of thinking – contribute to a culture where we genuinely care about each other, our guests and our planet. Welcome to Scandic.
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Boden Municipality
In Boden, revolutionary industries meet small town life, where your commute may be short, but your impact will be substantial. It also has more horses than humans!
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If you choose to work for Luleå Municipality, you will be creating value, you will be making a difference, and you will have a meaningful impact on our citizens, their quality of life, our city, and our future. All of us who work within Luleå Municipality have something in common, we matter!
Copperstone Resources
Copperstone Resources is a Swedish listed company that is scaling up towards becoming a responsible producing mining company. We are now working to reopen the Viscaria copper mine in Kiruna. Viscaria's high copper content, assessed mineral resources, geographical location and growing team of experts mean that Copperstone is well placed to deliver quality copper, a way for us to contribute to society's transition to renewable energy sources. Using the best available technology in mining, logistics and water treatment, Copperstone strives to become one of the world's copper producers with the lowest climate footprint. In addition to the Viscaria mine, Copperstone has processing concessions and exploration permits in Arvidsjaur and Tvistbo.
158 jobs available
Founded in 2016 to enable the European transition to a decarbonized future, the company has made swift progress on its mission to deliver the world’s greenest lithium-ion battery. Northvolt is now a European leader within battery production, engaged in partnerships with some of Europe’s premium automotive manufacturers and industry players. At Northvolt we challenge ourselves and others everyday to move rapidly towards a more sustainable future. We use passion, boldness, and excellence to invent, build and recycle the greenest batteries in the world. Together we learn, fail and grow in a caring team, knowing our multiple perspectives and skills are crucial to our success. Welcome to Northvolt!
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Älvsbyn Municipality
Closeness and proximity are keywords in Älvsbyn. Whether it be to flora and fauna, between people and events, or coastal waters and mountain ranges. Although a small town, Älvsbyn boasts of attractions like Storforsen – the largest unregulated rapids in Europe, and Kanisbacken, a ski resort within walking distance from the town center.
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Umeå Energi
Umeå Energi is a regional energy company that develops and provides sustainable solutions for energy and communication services. Focusing on regional development in close co-operation with customers and partners within the public and private sector, such as building smart and sustainable residential areas and production plants, we contribute to a comfortable living for customers as well as a secured sustainable future for the region. Participating in innovative programmes, like Viable Cities and Ruggedised, where science, business and society join forces we help building the connected society and battle climate change.
Tromb are digital explorers. We are passionate about always understanding the user. We love to invite both employees and clients on a transformation journey. Do you also want to be part of our cross-functional teams and help move our clients to new, more profitable positions? Let’s talk!
SEB is a leading northern European financial services group with international presence and one of the largest IT employers in the Nordics. As a result, there is a wealth of career opportunities here. If you believe in positively shaping the world, you will thrive at SEB. Here, there are endless opportunities to grow, innovate, and take on new challenges. Together with our customers, we are building a better society. Today and for generations to come. 
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INN University
INN University has 15,000 students at its six campuses in Innlandet. We offer higher education at all levels. Our 46 bachelor's and 32 master's programs ensure a wide range of offerings. We also have 6 doctoral programs. We are a significant research institution with several hundred years' worth of research in various fields.
Every day, we deliver socially critical infrastructure and services to two million people. Eidsiva is an energy and telecommunications company, and we ensure that Innlandet, Akershus, Østfold, and Oslo are connected – through light in the lamp, heating, and internet.
45 jobs available
At Vattenfall you’ll take part in a bigger challenge: To make it possible to live fossil-free within a generation. We want to show the way to a sustainable future and stimulate a climate smarter life. This requires new perspectives and actual changes. It requires people who want to make a real difference. Join us and power fossil-free living!
MRM Mining
MRM Mining AB is the young company that together has more than 100 years of industry experience from industrial projects in the Nordic region. We are the flexible mechanical and construction company that takes on turnkey contracts, prefabrication of steel & mechanical structures, advanced machine installations, assembly, conversion and maintenance of transport systems, special machines, material pockets, mining winches and excavation equipment and concrete structures. Our head office is located in Gällivare, where we have management, project management, supervisors and skilled workers. In our premises we have lifting facilities and equipment for prefabrication, final assembly, completion, modifications and service workshop
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Gällivare Municipality
As an employee with us, you get the best combination of security and excitement. As a public actor, we are a secure employer. In contrast to that, we also face a historical societal transformation where we will accomplish almost impossible things in record time. This means that you get to participate in a breathtaking journey that requires both power and courage.
Human Entrance
Looking to recruit international talent for your organisation? We can help! Hiring an immigration and destination service provider is crucial to a seamless relocation process. Human Entrance is an experienced provider of international relocation services with 25 years of global mobility experience in the Nordics. As your trusted global mobility partner, we handle immigration, visa support and advisory, move management, tax and insurance registrations, banking services, accommodation, and home findings, and many more! We also offer internal training packages to build your mobility team with the necessary competence for international recruitment. Let us share our expertise with your team. Together, we can ensure a smooth transition and compliance for your talent in their new life in Scandinavia. Let us take care of the complicated administration so you can focus on getting the best talent to suit your needs. Contact us below for a consultation!
A world where seeing is knowing. A world where access to data means being able to make better decisions faster. A world where you can predict and avoid undesirable situations. A world where both business and human concerns thrive in parallel. We believe that real innovation stems from trust and teamwork. From being encouraged to move fast and embrace ownership of the problem, not just the solution. And we believe in celebrating every win.
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Skanska uses knowledge & foresight to shape the way people live, work, and connect. More than 135 years in the making, we’re one of the world’s largest development and construction companies. We operate across select markets in the Nordics, Europe and the United States. Together with our customers and the collective expertise of our 32,000+ teammates, we create innovative and sustainable solutions that support healthy living beyond our lifetime.
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LTH Traktor
LTH is a family business, with its primary operations in the mining industry in Kiruna and Svappavaara. Our engagements typically involve various kinds of machine work and transportation. We also perform groundwork, construction work, demolition, decontamination, and recycling.
Sherpas are on a mission to help and guide companies improve how to work with data, solutions and digitalization. Our inspiration is the famous Sherpas mountain guides that help climbers reach their dream of standing on top of the worlds highest mountain.
10 jobs available
Jokkmokks Municipality is a small organization with great dedication. Our employees work together to make Jokkmokk better in many ways, from healthcare and education to community development and culture. Collaboration among colleagues, neighbors, and associations is a cornerstone of our municipality - it's something we are proud of and want to preserve. Whether you are an experienced talent with specialized knowledge or new to the job market with a drive to find your own path, there is a place here for you.
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At MindDig, we do more than match talent with companies; we shape the future. MindDig is a digital recruitment platform that matches the right talent to the right companies in the greenest cities on earth. Our platform is an ecosystem for extraordinary talent and epic companies, leading the charge to decarbonize industries to help save our planet. We curate careers that offer more than just work – they offer purpose and an unparalleled quality of life in the cities spearheading the charge towards a net-zero future.
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Gällivare Energi
Gällivare Energi AB has produced and distributed its own energy for over 40 years and today we supply district heating to private households and companies in Gällivare, Malmberget and Koskullskulle. We stay close to our customers and offer reliable services and high availability by being there for you. In addition, we can offer 100% climate-neutral district heating.
Green Mountain
Green Mountain is a rapidly expanding company in a booming industry. We build and support essential digital infrastructure. Our annual employee survey highlights top scores in job satisfaction, involvement, management, and collaboration. We prioritize customers and uphold our values of Enthusiasm, Knowledge, Reliability, and Honesty.
44 jobs available
Umeå Municipality
Umeå is a place where the creativity of a vibrant city is surrounded by unspoiled nature in all directions. Our city offers incredible gastronomic experiences and world-renowned cultural institutions and festivals. Abounding in creativity, culture, and state-of-the-art research and academic institutions, Umeå welcomes the curious and creative. We offer a work-life-balance and an unmatched interplay between a dynamic urban environment and boundless nature.
Homerental partners with your company in finding the best accommodation for employees/new recruits throughout Sweden. Our business is offering peace-of-mind in a cost-efficient property hunt and to simplify the move for each employee. Through our extensive network, we source quality properties from reputable landlords as well as private owners looking to sublet their properties during times of change. This enables us to ensure a broad flexibility in properties offered to match your employees’ needs.
In a world that never stands still, TOPRO invites you to move with us. Together, we can create a future where mobility is not a barrier but a gateway to experiences, adventures, and moments that define a life well-lived.
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ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered and operated.
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Region Norrbotten
Region Norrbotten is one of the county’s biggest employers, with around 6,500 staff. Health care and dental care form the bulk of our operations, but we also work with regional development and culture. You’ll find our hospitals, health centres and clinics from the beaches of the coast to the tops of our mountains.
8 jobs available
NCC is the construction company with the ability to manage the complexity of a construction process from start to finish. We build and develop the future environment for working, living and communication. We offer a varied everyday life with unique construction projects and exciting challenges. Now, we have many exciting projects in northern Sweden. Do you want to shape how we live and work in the future? Join us.