Deputy headmaster operational area 7-9 Boden Municipality
Boden, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Assistant principal
Work model On location
Application due date 22 July 2024
Are you the one?
Do you want to be involved and contribute to the investments around the biggest challenges of our time, and be able to influence and hand over something for future generations to develop further? Then Boden Municipality is an employer for you! The house is located in Norrbotten's coastal region, only 3 miles from the sea between two river valleys. About 28,000 people live here. Boden is a modern small town with proximity to most everything, which creates a rewarding work and leisure life, what we call neighborhood life. Boden is located in the heart of an establishment-intensive region and is an important part of the green global social transition. Here, a growing society is created, equipped to meet the green new industrialization, with smart and sustainable solutions for cooperation, housing, transport, everyday life and modern business. With strong support from competent colleagues and managers, you gain the courage to dare to try. With us, you gain great confidence in a fantastic environment, where there is an opportunity to develop yourself and others. Do you want to know more about what it is like to work in Boden municipality? Then you can read more here: Welcome to the Labor market and education administration in Boden municipality! In Boden's preschools and schools, children and young people are given the courage and competence to face the challenges of the future, the vision our administration is working towards. Knowledge, safety and good learning environments are distinctive in our operations. As an employee in our administration, you will have competent colleagues who show respect and tolerance and whose great commitment creates job satisfaction and pride. Together, we focus on constantly improving the business. The management organization for the operational area grades 7-9 currently includes 1 principal and 5 assistant principals for two upper secondary schools; Brönjaskolan and Stureskolan. Brönjaskolan is located in Sävast with convenient commuting distance to both Boden and Luleå. Here we have approx. 300 students and roughly 25 employees divided into 3 work teams. The school is located in the center of Boden. Here we have approx. 380 students and around 60 employees divided into 4 work teams, an adapted elementary school activity 7-9 and a preparatory class. When one of our assistant principals now moves on to a principal position within the organization, we are looking for a new assistant principal. Maybe you are the one who takes the chance to become one of us? With that said, we want to welcome you to our gang! Because surely you also want one of the most important jobs in the world? WORK DUTIES Under the direction of the principal, you will work operationally with all the schools' operational areas to create the best possible achievement of goals for students. On delegation from the principal, you have personnel and work environment responsibility as well as responsibility for parts of student care within the units. As an assistant principal, you will be involved in the development of the schools' organizational work, the systematic quality work and also be part of the operations 7-9 management group. You are part of the student health team and prepare student cases for decision to the principal. Here, we work systematically with competence development based on the units' unique needs. We work actively with systematic extra adaptations and broad support initiatives; a job you are expected to be involved in and run. Based on your experience and competence, your duties will be matched to the schools' development needs. As deputy headmaster, you must also be a good ambassador for Boden Municipality and the Labor Market and Education Administration. To be eligible for employment as an assistant principal, you must be prepared to begin the principal's program and shoulder a school leadership assignment fully if the employer deems it appropriate. QUALIFICATIONS We are looking for you who have a teaching degree and experience working as a teacher. You are very familiar with the school's governing documents. Experience from grades 7-9 is a basic requirement. Experience of working with school development issues and leadership experience are meritorious. You have a co-creative approach that is based on good communication and the ability to build good relationships. It is important that you have the ability to prioritize and structure your work tasks and that you complete these within specified time frames. You can quickly adjust and manage changes and changed conditions that arise in the work. You remain effective and motivated despite setbacks and act with high integrity and loyalty in your leadership role. You have a good ability to document and follow up on your work. You want to be part of a management team and appreciate working in collaboration. You have a great interest in school development and are also up-to-date on the latest research in the school field. You must have a special pedagogical approach with a clear focus on inclusion and a willingness to work in a principal's team where students' study results, security, well-being and study tranquility are the focus. We expect you to be able to work independently and flexibly with your assignment. OTHER Please attach teaching ID or diploma. Extracts from the load register must be presented before employment in preschool and primary school. We value an even age and gender distribution and diversity in all professional areas. We have smoke-free working hours and we offer one wellness hour a week and a wellness allowance. Via our health portal, you as an employee can book in to various wellness activities such as massages, try-on training, lectures, etc. When you apply for a job with us, we want you to use our e-recruitment system. In this way, the handling of your application will be efficient, fast and secure. Prior to the recruitment work, Boden Municipality has taken a position on recruitment channels. We politely but firmly refuse any contact with media sellers, recruitment sites or the like in this recruitment.