Mother tongue teachers: Meänkieli, Southern Sami, Lule Sami
Boden, Sverige
Type of Employment Part-time
Job position Mother tongue teacher in primary school
Work model On location
Application due date 4 August 2024
Are you the one?
Do you want to be involved and contribute to the investments around the greatest challenges of our time, and be able to influence and hand over something for future generations to develop further? Then Boden Municipality is an employer for you! Boden is located in Norrbotten's coastal region, only 3 miles from the sea between two river valleys. About 28,000 people live here. Boden is a modern small town with proximity to most everything, which creates a rewarding work and leisure life, what we call neighborhood life. Boden is located in the heart of an establishment-intensive region and is an important part of the green global social transition. Here, a growing society is created, equipped to meet the green new industrialization, with smart and sustainable solutions for cooperation, housing, transport, everyday life and modern business. With strong support from competent colleagues and managers, you gain the courage to dare to try. With us, you gain great confidence in a fantastic environment, where there is an opportunity to develop yourself and others. Do you want to know more about what it is like to work in Boden municipality? Then you can read more here: Welcome to the Labor market and education administration in Boden municipality! In Boden's preschools and schools, children and young people are given the courage and competence to face the challenges of the future - that is the vision our administration is working towards. Knowledge, security and good learning environments are distinctive in our operations. As an employee in our administration, you will have competent colleagues who show respect and tolerance and whose great commitment creates job satisfaction and pride. The school development center consists of the areas of business development, student health and learning for newcomers. Together, we focus on constantly improving the business. Central reception for new arrivals, CMN, is tasked with receiving and making an initial survey of newly arrived children and students' learning. CMN also has coordination responsibility for mother tongue teaching and study guidance. With that said, we want to welcome you to our gang! Because surely you also want one of the world's most important jobs? WORK DUTIES You will work as a mother tongue teacher in primary school. Your workplace will be different school units and different school forms where children and students are. Your teaching will take place in the form of face-to-face teaching. Alternatively, distance learning may be an option. Upon employment, you will receive an introduction regarding your duties. You receive ongoing support in your professional role through various support functions at the workplace. As our employee, we expect you to follow Boden municipality's core values, work consciously with quality work, collegial learning and professional development. Travel between schools occurs. Meänkieli 10% Southern Sami 5% Lule Sami 5% QUALIFICATIONS We would prefer that you are a certified teacher with a Swedish teaching qualification or alternatively that you have a documented foreign teacher training. If you lack teaching training but can show that you have another suitable university education, that can go a long way. You have very good knowledge of Swedish equivalent to Swedish 3/Swedish as a second language 3 or Swedish B/Swedish as a second language B. It is advantageous if you have work experience from the Swedish school and are familiar with the School Act and the curricula for the various school forms. We therefore expect you to share that value base and be able to realize it in word and deed. You can adapt and vary your teaching. You are a good leader in the classroom and can create trusting relationships with students, colleagues and management. It is also advantageous if you have digital skills and abilities so that you can conduct the mother tongue teaching remotely. Great emphasis is placed on personal suitability. You are flexible, easy to collaborate and independent. You are positive about new ideas and ways of working and want to constantly develop your teaching with learning in focus. The work as a mother tongue teacher/study supervisor will give you rich opportunities to meet newly arrived and multilingual children and young people and your contribution makes a difference. We apply holiday service 40h/week with flextime. OTHER Please attach teaching ID or diploma. Extracts from the load register must be presented before employment in preschool and primary school. We value an even age and gender distribution as well as diversity in all professional areas. We have smoke-free working hours and we offer one wellness hour a week and a wellness allowance. Via our health portal, you as an employee can book in to various wellness activities such as massages, try-on training, lectures, etc. When you apply for a job with us, we want you to use our e-recruitment system. In this way, the handling of your application will be efficient, fast and secure. Prior to the recruitment work, Boden Municipality has taken a position on recruitment channels. We politely but firmly refuse any contact with media sellers, recruitment sites or the like in this recruitment.