Store manager - Coop Sangis
Kalix, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Store manager
Work model On location
Application due date 4 August 2024
Are you the one?
Do you want to run a shop in the nice village of Sangis? Are you passionate about the customer meeting and seeing your employees develop? Then this is a job for you! We who work at the cooperative association Coop Norrbotten feel pride, we give back to the people who own and shop with us, and in that way are a natural part of the local community. In addition to having really good goods at a good price, it is the employees who work with us that make the difference. Our goal is to create Norrbotten's best customer meeting! Real success is based on loving our jobs and showing genuine care and joy for our customers. The role of Store Manager As store manager, you are the natural leader who coaches your team and shows the way forward. You will, among other things, work with customer satisfaction, sales, operations, results, personnel and change work in the store. For us, customer service and sales are the hub of our business, and the store manager is a key person. As a store manager with us, you will be responsible for the budget and business plan as well as related sales activities. You are also a carrier of culture, by which we mean that you work not only for Coop, you work for the whole of Norrbotten where our stores contribute to the life of smaller towns. We at Coop want to give back to our community and region and create jobs and less environmental impact for transport. It is part of our sustainability work, which we are very proud of. At Coop, we constantly strive to be better, this also applies to the stores' profitability and results. You who step into the role of store manager have a great opportunity to drive improvement work together with your team and you have the ultimate responsibility for developing your store towards a good result. You will have work environment and personnel responsibility for 3 people. You are responsible for employee interviews, onboarding, skill development, quality work, following processes and that Coop's sustainability policy is followed. Who are you? - High school education is a requirement - Post-secondary education or university is meritorious You are welcome to have broad experience and competence in the retail trade. We would like to see that you have previously had personnel responsibility, with good results. If you have experience in improvement work, it is advantageous. If you feel a little extra about sales and love to see your employees develop, then this role could really be something for you. You are welcome to be a creative person who thinks a little differently and dares to try new solutions, and that you can easily bring others along with you towards the same goal. At Coop, we value the qualities that an even age and gender distribution as well as ethnic and cultural diversity bring to the business. Selection and interviews take place continuously, do not hesitate with your application. The position may be filled before the application deadline. The application deadline is August 4. The position is full-time until further notice. Welcome with your application! Coop Norrbotten is a retail association owned by approx. 150,000 members in Norrbotten. The association has 43 stores/supermarkets, approximately 740 annual employees and a gross turnover of approximately SEK 3.2 billion. Shops can be found from Kiruna in the north to Piteå in the south. The service office is at Storheden in Luleå. Coop Norrbotten is one of Norrbotten's largest employers with many challenging jobs. We are on an exciting journey of change to be able to meet the food customers of the future as well and as naturally in our physical stores as at The change that is taking place means extra many challenges, but also opportunities. And you are never alone. If there is something we are particularly proud of, it is our employees. By having succeeded in recruiting many competent employees, we are working together towards the future. Coop is unique! It's easy to think that all grocery stores are the same. The same goods on the shelves, the same shopping carts and then the checkout at the exit. But Coop is different because we are owned by our 3.8 million members. That's what makes us unique. It also gives us an extra big responsibility, but also extra big opportunities. Coop is one of Sweden's largest employers and we are driven by the task of giving everyone access to good food. We are on an exciting journey of change towards being the good force in food Sweden. We want to simplify everyday life and give everyone access to good raw materials - something that is good for both body, soul and our environment. Coop has long lived at the forefront and realized the importance of ecological thinking. Our fish is certified, the chickens are free-range and our own brand Änglamark is designated as Sweden's Greenest Brand - but our journey does not end there. Together with our employees, we work every day together with our customers to continue to be the best in sustainable development and now we invest even more in spreading food joy and more love for good ingredients. Together we can and must become the good force in food Sweden! We value the qualities that an even age and gender distribution as well as ethnic and cultural diversity bring to the business.