Four assistant nurses for Älvgården Dementia
Gällivare, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Assistant nurse, home care, nursing home and habilitation
Work model On location
Application due date 30 August 2024
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Business description
At Älvgården Dementia there are 33 people living in 4 wards. Tallbacken and Skogsbacken are on level 2 and Duvkullan and Björkdungen are on level 5.

Job duties
As a nurse, based on your role as contact person, you have a central part in the care and treatment around the residents. The work is based on the needs of the individual and the implementation plan as well as the guidelines and goals of the business. Your duties consist of supporting and helping the residents with what they cannot manage on their own, for example hygiene, medicine, dressing/undressing and social community. Your work is important for the residents to have a good and safe existence. The assignment also includes administrative tasks such as documentation.

We are looking for you who have education, experience or an interest in working in healthcare, have a positive outlook on life, are flexible and take responsibility. You must be able to express yourself well in speech and writing in the Swedish language.

Great importance is placed on personal suitability: among other things, collaborating, seeing the user, being flexible and taking personal responsibility.

Within the framework of the National Minority Languages ​​Act, Gällivare municipality is the administrative municipality for Sami, Meänkieli and Finnish. Knowledge of one of these languages ​​is meritorious when applying for employment in Gällivare municipality.

Working hours/Duration
Full-time permanent employment (100%) with duty day, evening and weekend.

Monthly salary according to agreement.

According to the agreement. Probationary employment may occur.

A warm welcome with your application!

Union representatives

Recruitment can take place continuously during the application period.

Attach a CV to the application. On request, original documents must be shown. We have chosen recruitment channels and do not wish for any recruitment assistance.