Teacher in social orientation
Gällivare, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Subject teacher, 7-9
Work model On location
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Business description

Sjöparksskolan is Gällivare Municipality's only municipal high school in the urban area and is located next to Sjöparken and Isborgen, the municipality's ice arena. The school includes about 410 students and about 55 staff. The school has recently been rebuilt to meet the requirements of a junior high school and is modern in its design. The school works a lot to design good learning environments, collegial learning and to design sustainable structures to prepare students for the future. Free ice leaders work at the school every day. The school also has school nurses and school counselors on site at the unit. There are also special pedagogues, social pedagogues, study and vocational guidance counselors here. 2 key pedagogues are working on developing our digital competence and the school has housekeepers who work to cover short-term absences. The school is divided into 4 work teams, each led by a pre-service teacher. New and unauthorized personnel are supervised by experienced and qualified colleagues as an introduction and in the continued everyday work of teaching. At the school, there is an opportunity for students with needs to work in smaller teaching groups. Preparation class for newly arrived students is available at the school.

Job duties

As a teacher at Sjöparksskolan, you work with everything related to teaching. You prepare, plan, implement and evaluate the students' progress and your own teaching. You work in close collaboration with guardians. You actively participate in school meetings and the school's and your own development. Most of the pedagogues also work as a responsible mentor in a class. Can be combined with other subjects or studies if desired


We are looking for you with teacher training and identification for the subject mentioned above. We are looking for someone who is clear, driven and can easily create good relationships and collaborates well with students, guardians and colleagues. We see that you are committed, solution-focused and enjoy thinking new things. We place great emphasis on personal suitability. Within the framework of the National Minority Languages ​​Act, Gällivare municipality is the administrative municipality for Sami, Meänkieli and Finnish. Knowledge of one of these languages ​​is meritorious when applying for employment in Gällivare municipality.

Working hours/Duration

Until further notice

Access: 2024-08-13


According to the agreement, feel free to submit a wage claim.

Contact details/Information

Camilla Eriksson, principal, phone 0970–818080

Susanne Köhler, principal, phone 0970–818 376

Union representatives

Sweden's Teachers, tel. 0970–818 000


Application deadline: 2024-05-26

Why you should work with us!

Preschool, elderly care, building permits, garbage collection, water, drainage, and snow removal. The list of our work services goes on to make our residents' everyday lives run smoothly. However, we are not stopping there. We are in the middle of a unique social transformation and are at the center of the global green transition of the mining industry. This green revolution requires significantly more from us than many other municipalities. We go the extra mile, we take the extra call, we collaborate, and we find solutions. We do so because it is our only option. Our location and our conditions have raised us in a spirit where we always had to put in a little more effort.

As an employee with us, you get the best combination of both security and excitement. As a public actor, we are a secure employer, but in contrast to that, we also face a historical societal transformation where we will accomplish impossible feats in record time. This means that careers with us will take you on an incredible journey that requires both power and courage.

Application due date 2024-05-26
About the employer
As an employee with us, you get the best combination of security and excitement. As a public actor, we are a secure employer. In contrast to that, we also face a historical societal transformation where we will accomplish almost impossible things in record time. This means that you get to participate in a breathtaking journey that requires both power and courage.