Permanent position as line producer at The Norwegian Film School
Type of Employment Part-time
Job position Permanent position as line producer at The Norwegian Film School
Work model On location
Application due date 18 August 2024
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About the position

The Norwegian Film School is looking for a new and committed employee with experience from film production for a 70% permanent position as a line producer. The candidate must be assessed as having associate professor or university lecturer qualifications.

The studies at The Norwegian Film School are based on both practical and theoretical teaching, as well as a number of practical exercises that deal with themes such as idea development, visual storytelling, conceptualisation, acting instruction, staging, editing and sound post-production. The students are educated to become good artistic leaders and creative partners, as well as to develop their own artistic distinctiveness. The school's experience-based pedagogy requires a lot of student contact and a large presence at the place of study. The workplace for the position is Lillehammer. Some travel must be expected between study sites and during productions.

Desired start 01.09.2024

Responsibilities and tasks

You will work closely with the professional responsible for the production line and DNF's professional management to plan, implement and evaluate joint exercises, workshops and productions. The production line is being developed into a focused management education of artistic projects and the students are challenged as leaders of individual professional and artistic development in collective processes. As a line producer, you will work closely as a teacher and course with all the students, and especially those who go on the production line. The line producer has an important role at the school to ensure proper execution of the joint exercises and acts as project owner/project manager for the productions in close collaboration with the head of education.

Central work tasks

  • Course the students through the development, planning and implementation of practical production exercises and other interdisciplinary productions as required
  • Responsibility for carrying out parts of the line education on the production line
  • Responsibility for some interdisciplinary exercises
  • Courses/mentoring of students at bachelor's and master's level.
  • Carrying out semester evaluations and other evaluations in collaboration with the subject manager
  • Contribute to the school's artistic development work for film and related audiovisual art forms
  • Active participation in the professional and pedagogical development work at the Norwegian Film School
  • Artistic development work within the subject area
  • Contribute to professional development and artistic development work at the faculty

Project owner/project manager for the joint exercises involve r

  • Responsibility for creating implementation plans
  • Be the safety officer and have responsibility for quality assurance of HSE
  • Coordination of resources between the teams and coordination of progress plans
  • Quality assurance of the budget, the students' risk assessment and the finances of the project.
  • Approve agreements between students and external parties on behalf of the school
  • Follow-up of follow-up work and coordination with the school's technical department

Other tasks can be added to the position if necessary


Formal competence:

  • You must qualify for a position as an associate professor/college lecturer in a relevant subject area in accordance with the requirements set out in the Regulations on employment and promotion in teaching and research positions - either as formal competence on a coastal academic basis or documentable professional and artistic experience.
  • It is desirable that the applicant has an art-related film education at the same level as the courses at the Norwegian Film School. Extensive practical experience can compensate for this.
  • It is desirable to have knowledge of and experience in using student-active forms of learning and assessment within relevant subject areas.
  • Good written and oral presentation skills in Norwegian/Scandinavian and English.
  • Satisfactory digital competence associated with student-related work and relevant development work.

Experience skills:

  • Must have professional experience as a recording manager, production manager and/or line producer from an artistic professional practice.
  • Active and executive in the industry will be prioritized.
  • Good knowledge of industry standards and tools for budgeting and planning fiction production
  • Broad film professional network in the industry in Norway and preferably Nordic/international
  • Up-to-date on developments in film and other related audiovisual art fields and understands necessary change processes in the industry that affect own professional field
  • Has good insight into the development of and challenges in other disciplines

Pedagogical competence:
Documented practical-pedagogical education and experience from teaching and supervision at university and college level, cf. Regulations on employment and promotion in teaching and research positions. Applicants who cannot document pedagogical competence at the time of employment are obliged to complete the college's course in college pedagogy or equivalent within two years of employment.

Personal characteristics:

  • Good communication skills and a good relationship builder who works well with others.
  • Ability to engage students, convey knowledge and see students' development potential - both as individuals and in teams.
  • Independent and structured, but still flexible and solution-oriented.

When we assess which candidate is the best qualified, we will make an overall assessment of qualifications as they are formulated in the advertisement text. Personal suitability will be given particular weight, in addition to education, motivation and other qualification requirements.

For more information on the formal qualification requirements, see Regulations on employment and promotion in teaching and research positions and HINN's specification of the pedagogical competence requirements and form of documentation for employment and promotion in teaching and research positions . Assessment of which candidate is best qualified is made after a comprehensive assessment of education, experience and personal suitability and other qualification requirements as formulated in the advertisement text, in addition to motivation for the position.

The position and associated tasks must be carried out in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations for government employees, including also the Act on Control of the Export of Strategic Goods, Services and Technology, etc. could not take up the position at the University College in Innlandet. Necessary approvals must be maintained throughout the employment relationship.

We offer

  • an exciting and challenging job at a leading developing film school with committed colleagues and a strong professional environment
  • salary in position code 1011 associate professor/ 1008 college lecturer according to the State's salary regulations.
  • membership in the State Pension Fund , with, among other things, good pension and insurance schemes.

For more information about HINN as an employer, see here .

Apply for the position

Applications and CVs are registered electronically via "apply for the position".

The application must contain:

  • Application letter presenting the applicant's motivation for the position, artistic skills and development work, and teaching experience.
  • Separate list of national and international artistic production and development work with a brief description.
    • Remember the links to the viewing location/publication/confirmation of viewing!
  • Documentation of pedagogical qualifications in a systematic, comprehensive presentation, including an overview of formal pedagogical education, pedagogical practice including supervisor experience. In addition to any experience with study quality development, development of teaching plans, study plans etc. Alternatively, a description of your own reflections on the desired educational philosophy and practice.
  • In addition, up to one page of reflection on the applicant's educational philosophy and own educational development is requested
  • Complementary CV with an overview of education, work experience, teaching experience, administrative experience, coordination experience and possibly other qualifying activities
  • Copies of diplomas and certificates
  • References

Current applications will be assessed by an expert committee. In order for your application to be assessed, the documents and links must be attached as electronic attachments to the application.

Current candidates will be called for an interview and testing of practical teaching skills.

If you have questions about uploading attachments or other technical aspects of the application, Jobbnorge customer service can be contacted.

Information about you may be published even if you have requested not to be included on the applicant list. If the request is not accepted, you will be notified of this.

Diversity and positive discrimination

HINN believes that inclusion and diversity is a strength. We want employees with different skills, subject combinations, life experiences and perspectives to contribute to even better task solving. We will make arrangements for employees who need it. Current facilitation can be, for example, technical aids, adaptation of furniture or changes to routines, tasks and working hours.

If there are qualified applicants with a disability, gaps in the CV or an immigrant background, we must call at least one applicant in each of these groups for an interview. In order to be assessed as an applicant in these groups, that is to say positively treated in this way, the applicants must meet certain requirements. You can read more on the employer portal.

We encourage applicants to tick the box in the jobseeker portal if they have a disability, gaps in their CV or an immigrant background. The ticks in the jobseeker portal form the basis for anonymised statistics that all state enterprises report in their annual reports.

About The Norwegian Film School

The Norwegian Film School is Norway's national film education at the highest artistic level. Since 1997, the Norwegian Film School has trained innovative, creative and award-winning filmmakers for feature films and TV dramas in Norway and Scandinavia. The education has helped to elevate Norwegian film, has a significant international reputation and works closely with the film industry. Our students create tomorrow's narratives and our collective visual memory. The film school has close collaboration with other artistic educations, especially in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.

The Norwegian Film School is organized as an independent school which from autumn 2024 is part of the Faculty of Film, TV and Games. The film school's bachelor's program is located in Lillehammer, while the master's program and continuing education are located at Myren's workshop in Oslo.

The film school has a bachelor of arts in script, direction, producer, photography, production design, editing and sound. The film school also offers a master's degree in the arts with specialization in conceptual documentary direction, fiction direction, script, visual design and producer. The scholarship recipients at the Film School's art doctoral program carry out artistic development work within film and related audiovisual art forms, in addition to contributing to teaching at bachelor's and master's level.

At the Norwegian Film School, the individual student's personal ability to reflect and artistic identity is developed. The school shall maintain a dynamic and leading position within international film education and shall contribute to the future development of our professional field. Research at the faculty takes place primarily as artistic development work, often in close collaboration with the industry.