Firefighters to the full-time force
Kiruna, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Fire-fighter
Work model On location
Application due date 11 August 2024
Are you the one?
For a lifetime of living Kiruna. One thing is certain. With us you make a difference. We are Kiruna, we usually say. We are the nursing staff who hold old mother by the hand and the teacher who makes little brother read his first words. We are the nanny who makes someone grow every day and the social worker who does what it takes to change lives. We are the personal assistant that gives freedom and the librarian that makes literature close. We are the home support staff who drive to the villages in blizzards like midnight sun to be there. We are hundreds of skills, thousands of people and generations of experience who together secure, nurture, inspire, teach, save lives, think new, move cities, stand up for each other and take care of people. With pride and care. From mountains to city. Today and tomorrow for a lifetime of living Kiruna. There is something nice about that. Do you also want to work for life, people and the future in Kiruna municipality? Do you want to create value and make a real difference for what is important? In order to meet new requirements, different conditions and the need for increased ability for cooperation and management according to ELS, as well as to meet the ongoing social transformation and changed risk picture in Kiruna Municipality, the rescue service Kiruna now needs to increase its personnel. WORK DUTIES Our goal is to minimize the number of accidents and their consequences. In order to prevent accidents, preventive work is put in focus, therefore we plan and organize our operations so that rescue efforts can be started as quickly as possible and carried out efficiently, regardless of municipal boundaries. We help and support both people, organizations and other authorities in being able to act both before, during and after the individual event. Therefore, your duties will consist of both preventive work and operational emergency service. Other tasks such as maintenance of vehicles, equipment and service are usually called station work, these are also included in your tasks. QUALIFICATIONS We are now looking for firefighters for the full-time force. We are looking for you, man or woman, who is interested in working as a firefighter. It is desirable that you have worked in the municipal rescue service or have undergone rescue operations, Vulture training course 2 with completed training for smoke diving or have completed at least two semesters of the SMO training or similar training with a passing grade. You must have a basic university qualification. You must have at least a B driver's license at the time of application and within 6 months of employment (probationary employment) be eligible for a C driver's license. You must be fully healthy and have good physical work ability, according to the Work Environment Agency's requirements for smoke diving and have completed a swimming proficiency test according to the Gold Buoy, these characteristics are checked and tested in the recruitment process. It is advantageous if you: • has completed accident protection (SMO) or Fireman training (15 weeks). • holds a BC driver's license. • has had a longer service within the municipal rescue service. - Has other professional experience that can be valuable for the business. In the role, you are required to be outgoing and able to communicate in a trusting manner as the work involves a lot of contact both with people, organizations and authorities in preventive work such as supervision, training and advice. You need to have good computer skills and be able to express yourself both orally and in writing. We attach great importance to personal suitability. Before employment begins, suitability tests will be carried out as well as a medical examination, regarding smoke and chemical diving according to the regulations of the Work Environment Agency. It must be attached to your application; • Certificate of completed education for university qualification. • Certificate of any completed rescue training. • Certificate of possibly completed roller mat test. • Certificate of completed swimming proficiency test according to Guldbojen. • Certificate of driving license class. OTHER To work with us, you must share Kiruna Municipality's shared value base where respect, responsibility and cooperation are the watchwords. We offer a pleasant working environment and stimulating tasks and that you as an employee get a good balance between work and leisure. We have many different benefits where you as an employee can train free of charge at various training facilities up to SEK 5,000/year, we have cabins in the mountains that you can rent, we offer the opportunity to exchange wages for days off. We strive for equal gender distribution and see diversity as a strength, we welcome employees with different backgrounds and work to ensure that our workplaces are accessible to everyone. Kiruna Municipality sees full-time as a right, part-time as an opportunity. It is advantageous if you have knowledge of Finnish, Sami and/or Meänkieli, as the municipality of Kiruna is an administrative area for these languages. The municipality of Kiruna has made media for this recruitment and therefore prohibits us from contacting advertising sellers or other sellers of recruitment services.