Personal assistant to Vittangi
Kiruna, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Personal Assistant
Work model On location
Application due date 31 August 2024
Are you the one?
For a lifetime of living Kiruna. One thing is certain. With us you make a difference. We are Kiruna, we usually say. We are the nursing staff who hold old mother by the hand and the teacher who makes little brother read his first words. We are the nanny who makes someone grow every day and the social worker who does what it takes to change lives. We are the personal assistant that gives freedom and the librarian that makes literature close. We are the home support staff who drive to the villages in blizzards like midnight sun to be there. We are hundreds of skills, thousands of people and generations of experience who together secure, nurture, inspire, teach, save lives, think new, move cities, stand up for each other and take care of people. With pride and care. From mountains to city. Today and tomorrow for a lifetime of living Kiruna. There is something nice about that. Do you also want to work for life, people and the future in Kiruna municipality? Do you want to create value and make a real difference for what is important? The social administration's mission is to meet people's need for security. The administration must work to ensure that the municipality's residents receive social care in various forms and with a special responsibility to look after the needs and interests of vulnerable groups. We constantly work for good quality that benefits the user of our efforts. WORK DUTIES As a personal assistant, you provide support in everyday life to people with disabilities. As a personal assistant, you try to support the user to be able to live his life the way he wants. As a personal assistant, it is your job to make it easier for the user to take care of themselves. This can apply to food, hygiene and looking after the home, but it is often also about helping the user to be a parent and to manage their work. You help the user to be able to pursue leisure interests, participate in various association activities or to study. The work involves working with several different users. The business operates based on the basic principles of the LSS Act. The work includes meeting the individual's needs for supervision and care with respect for self-determination, independence and integrity. The duties include being responsive to the users' individual needs, wishes and resources. You will help with all information that occurs around the user. QUALIFICATIONS We are looking for you who enjoy and have the ability to work with people with physical, mental and/or neuropsychiatric disabilities. You must have high school care or child and leisure education with a focus on developmental disabilities, social work or other educational7 experience that the employer deems appropriate. It is advantageous if you have experience with the target group. As a person, we see that you are responsive, driven and flexible. We see that you have a positive and professional approach where you show good judgment and understand that you yourself influence the situation when you speak out and act. We see that you find it easy to collaborate and that you have a good ability to work with different kinds of people. Great emphasis is placed on personal suitability. We are looking for someone who can speak Finnish. Mon-Friday daytime. OTHER To work with us, you must share Kiruna Municipality's shared value base where respect, responsibility and cooperation are the watchwords. We offer a pleasant working environment and stimulating tasks and that you as an employee get a good balance between work and leisure. We have many different benefits where you, as an employee, can train free of charge at various training facilities up to SEK 5,000/year, we have cabins in the mountains that you can rent, we offer the opportunity to exchange wages for days off. We strive for equal gender distribution and see diversity as a strength, we welcome employees with different backgrounds and work to ensure that our workplaces are accessible to everyone. Kiruna Municipality sees full-time as a right, part-time as an opportunity. It is advantageous if you have knowledge of Finnish, Sami and/or Meänkieli, as the municipality of Kiruna is an administrative area for these languages. The municipality of Kiruna has made media for this recruitment and therefore prohibits us from contacting advertising sellers or other sellers of recruitment services.