Assistant university lecturer in Asset Management
Luleå, Sweden
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position University and college lecturer
Work model On location
Application due date 25 June 2024
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Luleå University of Technology is in strong growth with world-leading competence in several research areas. We shape the future through innovative education and ground-breaking research results, and based on the Arctic region, we create global social benefit. Our scientific and artistic research and education are conducted in close collaboration with international, national and regional companies, public actors and leading universities. Luleå University of Technology has a total turnover of SEK 1.9 billion per year. We currently have 1,840 employees and 17,670 students. In the coming years, multi-billion sums will be invested in Norrbotten and Västerbotten in large projects aimed at a more sustainable society nationally as well as globally. Luleå University of Technology is involved in several of these highly topical research projects and the social transformation that follows. We have a wide range of training to match the skills that are in demand. We hope you will help us build the sustainable companies and communities of the future. The research subject operation and maintenance technology conducts research and education in operational safety, asset management and risk management. The subject's research team industrial AI & eMaintenance, develops technologies, methodologies and tools based on emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies, for advanced analysis of complex technical systems. Today, the department for operation and maintenance technology has approx. 40 employees, which in turn is part of the Department of Civil Engineering and Natural Resources (SBN) with approx. 430 employees. In order to strengthen research activities and teaching competence in industrial AI, eMaintenance and asset management, we are now looking for a university lecturer. Subject description Operation and maintenance technology includes the development of technologies to ensure high operational reliability, efficient maintenance processes, and life cycle management of systems and facilities. Job duties • The work will include, among other things: • Conduct research in Asset Management, Industrial AI and eMaintenance • Implementation and participation in research projects within Industrial AI and eMaintenance • Development and design of applications • Work within the eMaintenance LAB • Teaching, in e.g. Industrial AI, eMaintenance and asset management • Work with the International Industrial AI and eMaintenance Congress and workshop • Publication and dissemination of scientific material Competence Eligible to be employed as an assistant university lecturer is someone who has completed a doctorate in operation and maintenance technology or has a foreign doctorate that is considered equivalent to a doctorate  In the first instance, it should be considered for employment who have completed their doctorate no more than five years before the end of the application period. If there are special reasons, the doctoral degree may have been completed earlier. By special reasons is meant leave due to illness, parental leave, clinical duties, duties of trust, or similar circumstances. In addition to this, it is required: • Have actively conducted research and development work that has attracted attention and received recognition • Deep expertise in asset management • Good knowledge of software development • Experience of knowledge transfer between university and industry • Experience of development in a cloud environment • Experience in developing asset management solutions using UNITY for various VR and AR devices integrated with cloud environment • Experience in developing various frameworks/models to provide asset management in various industrial domains • Experience in developing different courses Basis of assessment The following assessment criteria are applied for the position: • Scientific skill • Pedagogical skill • Expertise in industrial AI and eMaintenance • Expertise in asset management • Documented experience in drafting research applications to various research funders • Documented experience of teaching at university level and course development Other assessment grounds: • the degree of such skill which is a requirement for eligibility • administrative skills that are important with regard to the content of the subject and the duties included in the employment • ability to collaborate and collaborate with the research team • ability to cooperate with the surrounding society • ability to obtain external research and development funds • ability to inform about research and development work • be able to teach in Swedish and/or English Period of employment For this employment, an employment period of four years applies. Exam for university lecturer An assistant university lecturer must, after application, be promoted to university lecturer and a permanent position. If he/she has the authority for employment as a lecturer and in an examination is deemed suitable for such employment according to the assessment criteria stated below. Upon examination, it is required that the assistant lecturer has undergone higher education education corresponding to 7.5 ECTS or alternatively acquired equivalent knowledge in another way. During the period of employment, the assistant lecturer must also independently, to a considerable extent and with high quality, contribute to the university's research and demonstrate good pedagogical skills. Most of the employees in the subject Operation and maintenance technology are currently men, therefore we like to see female applicants. Information The position is a fixed-term, full-time position in Luleå. Access by agreement.   For further information, please contact Professor Ramin Karim, 0920-49 2344, Union representative: SACO-S C Kjell Johansson 0920-49 1529 and OFR-S Lars Frisk, 0920-49 1792, Application We prefer that you apply for the position via the application button below where you attach the requested application documents, including diplomas (verified and translated into Swedish or English), pedagogical self-reflection and publications, etc. Follow the link Instructions for applicants for complete instructions. Please mark your application with the reference number below. Both the application and degree certificate must be written in Swedish or English. Application deadline: 25 June 2024 Reference number: 2315-2024  
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Luleå University of Technology experiences rapid growth with world-leading expertise within several research domains. Our research is carried out in close collaboration with companies such as Bosch, Ericsson, Scania, LKAB, SKF as well as with leading international universities and national and regional actors. Luleå University of Technology has a total turnover of SEK 1.9 billion per year. We currently have 1,815 employees and 19,155 students.