Assistant university lecturer in Polymeric composite materials
Luleå, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position University and college lecturer
Work model On location
Application due date 28 July 2024
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Luleå University of Technology is in strong growth with world-leading competence in several research areas. We shape the future through innovative education and ground-breaking research results, and based on the Arctic region, we create global social benefit. Our scientific and artistic research and education are conducted in close collaboration with international, national and regional companies, public actors and leading universities. Luleå University of Technology has a total turnover of SEK 1.9 billion per year. We currently have 1,840 employees and 17,670 students. In the coming years, multi-billion sums will be invested in Norrbotten and Västerbotten in large projects aimed at a more sustainable society nationally as well as globally. Luleå University of Technology is involved in several of these highly topical research projects and the social transformation that follows. We have a wide range of training to match the skills that are in demand. We hope you will help us build the sustainable companies and communities of the future. The subject Polymeric composite materials within the department of materials science at the Department of Engineering Science and Mathematics is now looking for an assistant university lecturer. The service is available for research concerning the development of new methods and validation tools for the optimization of interfaces between fiber and matrix in composites. The aim is new knowledge about how the interface and the area in its vicinity affect the ability to distribute internal loads without causing damage.  This research concerns not only the mechanical performance of composites, but also electrical strength and properties relevant to composites in high voltage applications, including power transformers and switchgear used in power grids. Subject description Polymeric composite materials include knowledge of processes and mechanisms that control the performance and properties of, as well as the manufacture of, fiber-reinforced composite materials. Job duties An assistant university lecturer must, during the period of employment, qualify for examination as a university lecturer and must normally be involved in the university's education, pedagogical development work and research. The tasks include creating an own research area on polymeric composites (with a focus on environmentally friendly materials), their mechanical performance and use in structural applications, initiating national and EU-funded research projects, supervising students and doctoral students and participating in undergraduate education. Competence Eligible to be employed as an assistant university lecturer is a person who has completed a doctorate or has a foreign doctorate which is considered to be equivalent to a doctorate. In the first place, it should be considered for employment who have completed their doctorate no more than five years before the end of the application period. If there are special reasons, the doctoral degree may have been completed earlier. By special reasons is meant leave due to illness, parental leave, clinical duties, duties of trust, or similar circumstances. Basis of assessment The following assessment criteria are applied for the position: • scientific skill • other assessment grounds Other assessment grounds (assessed in descending order): • experience of participating in national and international research projects  • experience in composite manufacturing (for example prepregging, vacuum injection, compression molding), testing of properties such as mechanical (including tribology), thermal, electrical (of composites and their constituents) and modeling of thermomechanical properties of composites (including long-term performance). Expertise in the development of multi-scale multifunctional composites with experience in non-destructive characterization methods (eg DIC, thermography). • teaching experience • ability to cooperate with the surrounding society • good knowledge of oral and written communication in English  Period of employment For this employment, an employment period of 4 years applies. Information The position is a fixed-term, full-time position in Luleå. Access by agreement.   For further information, please contact professor and subject representative Roberts Joffe, 0920-49 1940, or professor Patrik Fernberg, 0920-49 2883, Union representative: SACO-S Kjell Johansson, 0920-49 1529 OFR-S Lars Frisk, 0920-49 1792 Application We prefer that you apply for the position via the application button below where you attach the requested application documents, including diplomas (verified and translated into Swedish or English), pedagogical self-reflection and publications, etc. Follow the link Instructions for applicants for complete instructions. Please mark your application with the reference number below. Both the application and degree certificate must be written in Swedish or English. Application deadline: 28 July 2024 Reference number: 2380–2024