Study to become a teacher in leisure centers and work at the same time
Luleå, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Elementary teacher, leisure center
Work model On location
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LULEÅ + THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD + GREEN INDUSTRY + CAREER + UNIVERSITY CITY + DREAM JOB + SECURITY + MIDNIGHT LIGHT + ARCHIPELAGO + CLOSENESS + LIFE PUZZLE + ROLE PLAY + YOU Do you also want to play a role? Luleå municipality is one of Norrbotten's largest employers and is a city with great faith in the future. All our professions have something in common; we are important, we make a difference, we create the conditions for a sustainable society and quality of life for today's and tomorrow's Luleå residents. The teacher training college at Umeå University in collaboration with 18 municipal school principals in the northern region will start the second round of work-integrated teacher training with a focus on leisure centers in autumn 2024. The training is aimed at you who want to work 50 percent with students at a school and at the same time train yourself to become a qualified teacher in leisure centers. The elementary teacher program, after-school center includes 180 higher education credits and extends over 4 years. The education is given at a distance with a 75 percent study rate. Two days a week (Thursdays and Fridays) are for scheduled studies and three days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) are possible for scheduled work. The training includes a few physical meetings per semester, these usually take place at Umeå University. Luleå municipality is one of the 18 municipalities that have created services for you who want to study to become a teacher in after-school centers and work at the same time. Welcome to the elementary school in Luleå municipality with the heart of every child. In Luleå there are many municipal primary schools. Luleå Municipality's schools and recreational centers are open to all children and students. Open to all cultures and individuals, to all challenges and unique conditions. Our school is simply a school for everyone, where every child should be able to find their place, conquer new knowledge and make their voice heard. More than 7,500 students attend Luleå's primary schools. From our six-year-olds in preschool class to our teenagers in year 9. The school's mission is among the most important missions there is. We must pass on fundamental values ​​such as democracy and equality, give every student opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills, and give every person the conditions to become independent and live a rich life. Recreational homes; From the age of 6 up to and including the spring term in the year the student turns 13, there is the option of attending after-school programs both before and after the school day. The task of the leisure center is to supplement the education at school and offer the child meaningful free time and recreation. Together, school and leisure center contribute to the students' all-round development and learning. The leisure home must be organized so that it enables parents to gainfully work or study. The education should take advantage of the students' desire to learn. It must be based on the students' interests and experiences and adapted to the fact that students have different conditions. Leisure centers are often coordinated with the school. The coordination can apply to personnel, premises and the educational activities. WORK DUTIES You will teach as an unlicensed teacher in leisure centres. The position involves working in a student group during school hours and during free time before and after the school day. The assignment involves planning, implementing and following up teaching together with colleagues and work teams. Contact and cooperation with guardians is an important part of the work. As support in your work at school, you will have a mentor. QUALIFICATIONS We are looking for people who are interested in working and studying to become teachers in after-school centres. Previous experience of working with children/young people is advantageous. In your role as a teacher, it is important that you create good relationships with your students and can be a clear leader. You have good communication skills and collaborate well with colleagues and other contacts. Combining work with studies requires you to be structured, self-motivated and persistent. A prerequisite for employment is that you have applied and been accepted to the work-integrated education at the University of Education, Umeå University. Travel to the workplace and to meetings in the training occurs. Questions about the education are answered by the College of Teachers at Umeå University. You can find information about the education and the application as well as contact information for the teacher training college at Grundlärarprogrammet - fritidshem ( Applications for the training are open 15 February 15 March. The last date to supplement your eligibility is April 3. OTHER Together we play an important role. Every day, all year round, for Luleå. We want to create good conditions for you and a sustainable working life. With us, it is important that you develop, thrive, feel good and feel job satisfaction. We have many benefits such as wellness allowance and the possibility to rent accommodation in Riksgränsen and Stockholm. If you receive the position, you must submit an approved extract from the charge register. Together we work for Framtidens Luleå with space for at least 100,000 Luleå residents. Right now, there is a restructuring and reestablishment of the industry here in the north. The industries are converting to fossil-free production and the conditions are here with us. This means great opportunities for our municipality to create more Luleå for more Luleå residents and increase the pace of community development. We strive for an even gender distribution and see diversity as a strength, we welcome employees with different backgrounds and work to ensure that our workplaces are accessible to everyone. Luleå municipality sees full-time as a right and part-time as an opportunity. It is advantageous if you have knowledge of Finnish, Sami and/or Meänkieli, as these national minority languages ​​are common in our operations. Tip! Curious about Luleå? Curious about work? Follow us on Luleå Municipality's LinkedIn
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If you choose to work for Luleå Municipality, you will be creating value, you will be making a difference, and you will have a meaningful impact on our citizens, their quality of life, our city, and our future. All of us who work within Luleå Municipality have something in common, we matter!

Luleå is one of Norrbotten's largest employers with around 7 000 employees. All of our 300 occupations share the joy of playing an important role in the lives of our 78 500 inhabitants.  

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If you choose to work for Luleå Municipality, you will be creating value, you will be making a difference, and you will have a meaningful impact on our citizens, their quality of life, our city, and our future. All of us who work within Luleå Municipality have something in common, we matter!