Preschool teacher for preschool class at Borgmästarskolan
Luleå, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Preschool teacher
Work model On location
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LULEÅ + THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD + GREEN INDUSTRY + CAREER + UNIVERSITY CITY + DREAM JOB + SECURITY + MIDNIGHT LIGHT + ARCHIPELAGO + CLOSENESS + LIFE PUZZLE + ROLE PLAY + YOU Do you also want to play a role? Luleå municipality is one of Norrbotten's largest employers and is a city with great faith in the future. All our professions have something in common; we are important, we make a difference, we create the conditions for a sustainable society and quality of life for today's and tomorrow's Luleå residents. Borgmästarskolan is an F-3 school and is located approx. 6 km outside the city centre. The school has around 140 students in two parallels and two leisure departments. The school is located right next to the Luleå river and the surrounding area offers a rich and varied nature in which to conduct teaching and activities. The Mayor's School's priority areas are educational support structures and language and communication. Educators and students work together to find ways for each child to succeed in school and after-school care. With us, you will find committed educators who work to create quality teaching and security for our students. We attach great importance to good working conditions, clear structures and a common approach towards our students. All teachers at the school are fully trained PAX teachers. The value-based work at the school is integrated in all subjects and developed in collaboration with the students. We work to create good relationships with participating students. Activities with music, movement and creation are something that both children and adults appreciate at school. WORK DUTIES We are now looking for a preschool teacher for preschool class. The preschool teacher is a mentor with responsibility for the class, teaching and assessment. Together with the work team and the student health team, you will work closely with students and parents to create a safe school day and developing teaching. Your service means that you: • Works with planning, teaching and assessment according to current governing documents. • Works in close dialogue with pedagogues in schools and after-school centers as well as with student health. • Have certain working hours in leisure centers where you lead homework help or other suitable activities. • Has mentorship with student responsibility and guardian contacts. Contributes to the school's development work around, among other things, promoting and preventing student health, language development work methods, collegial cooperation and accessible school. QUALIFICATIONS You have a teaching license with authorization to teach in a preschool class. We see it as important that you can contribute to the value-based work at the school through a democratic approach and by being a good role model. You have the ability to build relationships with and between the students, can clearly set structure and frameworks so that it will be safe and that the students will have a good working environment. If you have undergone training and are certified to work with PAX at school, it is meritorious As a person, you are positive, flexible and proactive. You have a holistic view of the students' development and learning. You are comfortable working independently and find it easy to create relationships, you see cooperation with students, colleagues and parents as an obvious success factor in your work. You must be well versed in the governing documents that regulate the school and act based on these in meetings with students, guardians and staff. You bring enthusiasm, energy and desire to work and engage both students, guardians and colleagues. You are driven by a desire to see opportunities and solutions. We attach great importance to personal suitability. Welcome with your application! OTHER Together we play an important role. Every day, all year round, for Luleå. We want to create good conditions for you and a sustainable working life. With us, it is important that you develop, thrive, feel good and feel job satisfaction. We have many benefits such as wellness allowance and the possibility to rent accommodation in Riksgränsen and Stockholm. Together we work for Framtidens Luleå with space for at least 100,000 Luleå residents. Right now, there is a restructuring and reestablishment of the industry here in the north. The industries are converting to fossil-free production and the conditions are here with us. This means great opportunities for our municipality to create more Luleå for more Luleå residents and increase the pace of community development. We strive for an even gender distribution and see diversity as a strength, we welcome employees with different backgrounds and work to ensure that our workplaces are accessible to everyone. Luleå municipality sees full-time as a right and part-time as an opportunity. It is advantageous if you have knowledge of Finnish, Sami and/or Meänkieli, as these national minority languages ​​are common in our operations. Tip! Curious about Luleå? Curious about work? Follow us on Luleå Municipality's LinkedIn
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If you choose to work for Luleå Municipality, you will be creating value, you will be making a difference, and you will have a meaningful impact on our citizens, their quality of life, our city, and our future. All of us who work within Luleå Municipality have something in common, we matter!

Luleå is one of Norrbotten's largest employers with around 7 000 employees. All of our 300 occupations share the joy of playing an important role in the lives of our 78 500 inhabitants.  

Application due date 2024-05-29
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If you choose to work for Luleå Municipality, you will be creating value, you will be making a difference, and you will have a meaningful impact on our citizens, their quality of life, our city, and our future. All of us who work within Luleå Municipality have something in common, we matter!