Chemical Engineer
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Chemical Engineer
Work model On location
Application due date ASAP
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Chemical/Process Engineer

The Chemical/Process engineer will be a primary contact for the commissioning and production ramp up of the solvent recovery process within the electrode engineering organization. They will work on a critical utility system of the electrode manufacturing process to deliver high quality materials for cells. The Chemical/Process engineer will be the part of the main bridge between commissioning phase and production ramp up. They will work closely with the other process engineers as the process team finalizes commissioning and prepares the production team to take over ownership of the lines. The chemical/process engineer will be responsible for continuous improvement projects and advanced problem solving of the utilities issues that arise during production ownership.

This role will allow you to enhance/increase your current understanding of the cell manufacturing facilities and utilize it to create a path to a zero-loss concept to optimize the line and understand areas of improvement for future factories and lines. This is also a pathway to expand understanding of the chemical processes used in the raw materials of the cell manufacturing process.

Key responsibilities:

  • Advanced trouble shooting and problem solving of the electrode manufacturing utilities.
  • Participating in project launch.
  • Documentation review to ensure proper documentation package is available post-commissioning.
  • Collaborate with process engineering to create handover requirements.
  • Facilitate a smooth transition between commissioning phase and ramp up/production phase.