SSAB - Head of Department Central Maintenance
Luleå, Sverige
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Maintenance manager
Work model On location
Are you the one?

Are you passionate about development, continuous improvement and leading change? Want to be part of SSAB's journey towards the world's first fossil-free steel company and at the same time drive our journey towards world-class maintenance? Then this could be the next challenge for you. Location Luleå.

Becoming part of the SSAB family means going along on a journey. A journey that we believe is crucial for the future and sustainability of the planet. Steel has been one of the most important materials for our societal development and will continue to be so in the future. In our homes, in bridges that connect our cities and in the cars of tomorrow. At SSAB, we are proud of our history and our leadership in high-strength steel. At the same time, we are aware that steel production is one of the industries that emits the most greenhouse gases in the world. That must change. We have therefore developed the world's first fossil-free process for steel production and around 2030 we will be largely fossil-free. As part of SSAB, you will be important in realizing this goal and thus contribute to a green transformation of the entire steel industry.

Central maintenance's mission is to provide safe, competent and efficient maintenance services to SSAB Luleå's entire production chain, as well as handle maintenance issues around, for example, working methods and metrics. As head of department for Central Maintenance, you lead an organization consisting of approximately 220 employees who work with, among other things, electrical maintenance, inventory management, maintenance development and mechanical maintenance. You lead a team consisting of four directly reporting section managers and sit on the management team for SSAB Luleå.

Your main areas of responsibility

  • Lead and develop the business so that it reaches short- and long-term goals in terms of work environment, quality and delivery.
  • Cooperate inside and outside the organization at all levels.
  • Strategy and development work to meet future needs and demands on the business.

About you

  • You are driven, initiative-taking and positively disposed to changes and development.
  • You have work experience as a manager and leader, preferably in industry or similar activities. We believe that you have experience in leading change and that you stand firm when a lot is happening at once.
  • You have a university education in a relevant field or equivalent documented knowledge. You are technically knowledgeable and interested in production, maintenance and processes.

Our offer

At SSAB, diversity and inclusion are part of our culture. We use our values ​​– driving, genuine and one step ahead – in our daily decision-making, always with the customer in focus. It makes us all team players, with a common drive to improve. When you start at SSAB, you become part of an organization with passionate problem solvers who work together on important challenges. We will support your growth by offering a safe and friendly workplace that contributes to work-life balance. At SSAB, you have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and grow.

We offer a wide range of valued benefits to our employees. Here are some examples of that:

  • Profit sharing
  • Flexible conditions for shortening working hours
  • Health care allowance

The recruitment process

1. Apply

2. Interview

3. Tests

4. Reference taking

5. Come and meet us

6. Health examination

7. Sign

Background checks may be carried out as part of the recruitment process.

In this recruitment, we are collaborating with Clockwork Recruitment & Staffing.

Do you have questions regarding the service?

Feel free to contact Daniel Kalén, Head Recruiter Clockwork Recruitment & Staffing, tel. 0708-21 53 00

We refrain from contacts from recruitment companies, advertising sellers and the like regarding this advertisement.

Trade union information is provided by the Academics' Association, the Union and the Leaders, which can be reached via our switchboard on tel. 0920-920 00.

A few words from your future boss

"I, who will be your manager, is called Lisette Mikaelsson and I am site and production manager at SSAB in Luleå. For me, it is important to enjoy your workplace and I think it is important to be committed, see opportunities, want to improve and drive the business forward. We are on an incredibly exciting journey and I hope you want to come and work with us and for our vision, a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.”

SSAB is a Nordic and US-based steel company that builds a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world through refined steel products and services. Together with our partners, SSAB has developed SSAB Fossil-free™ steel and plans to reinvent the value chain from the mine to the end customer, largely eliminating carbon dioxide emissions from our own operations. SSAB Zero™, a largely carbon-free steel based on recycled steel, further strengthens SSAB's leading position and our comprehensive sustainable offering regardless of the raw material. SSAB has employees in over 50 countries and production facilities in Sweden, Finland and the USA. SSAB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and secondary listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. Join us on the journey!, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X and YouTube.

Why you should work with us!

Decarbonizing the steelmaking process is non-negotiable if the industry wants to successfully transition from being one of the highest CO2 emitters to a sustainable, fossil-free actor in the global value chain. Although SSAB is already one of the world’s most CO2-efficient steel companies, their new pioneering approach to steel production is leading the way to providing quality steel with zero CO2 emissions.

A growing global population, increasingly higher standards of living, and greater urbanization are trends that are driving the rise in global steel demand. However, the significant carbon footprint of the steel industry is a reality for Europe and the rest of the world, putting pressure on the industry to innovate and provide sustainable steel to meet current and future demand. The challenge is already here: while the steel recycling rate is an impressive 90% or so in many parts of the world, the steel scrap available meets just 25% of global demand.

About the employer
Becoming part of the SSAB family means joining a journey. A journey that we believe is essential for the sustainability of this planet. Steel has been one of the most important materials for developing our society and it will continue to be so. In the roofs over our heads, in the bridges connecting our cities and in the cars of tomorrow. At SSAB we are proud of our history and leadership in high-strength steel. But we are also aware that the production of steel is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world. That has to change. That is why we have developed the world’s first fossil free steel production and has committed to becoming largely fossil-free by around 2030. As part of SSAB you will be instrumental in realizing this goal and push for the green transformation of the whole steel industry. At SSAB we strive for a diverse and inclusive environment. We use our values – driven, true and ahead – in making everyday decisions, keeping the customer at the heart of what we do. This makes us all team players, each with the drive to improve. When joining SSAB you will become part of an organization of passionate problem solvers working together on important challenges. We will support your growth by providing a safe and friendly workplace that contributes to work-life balance. If you set out to achieve it, at SSAB you will have the possibility of broadening your skills and becoming a true world-class master within your field. The world needs sustainable steel – together we can make it happen.