Group managers in Security
Type of Employment Full-time
Job position Group manager, technology
Work model On location
Application due date 16 June 2024
Are you the one?

Do you want to have fun at work and at the same time work for a fossil-free society?

Now you have the opportunity to do it with us at Vattenfall Vattenkraft. To reach our goal, we need committed employees who want to contribute to a better climate. You become an important part of that work!

Safe energy production in a changing environment

The importance of hydropower for the green transition and as a socially critical infrastructure through its electricity production is challenged by the increasingly rapid digital development and an increasingly uncertain environment. In order to adapt the business to these changes in the world around us, we are now further strengthening the organization with new management positions in security.

Vattenfall Vattenkraft is looking for two group managers in security for Luleå, Umeå and/or Storuman!

The groups are part of the Safety department, which consists of just over 20 employees and is responsible for steering, coordinating and supporting in the safety area for Vattenfall Vattenkraft's other operations.

The department conducts activities in areas such as security (information security, physical security and personnel security), data protection, signal protection, fire protection, protection for third parties (Public Safety), security incident management, continuity and crisis preparedness, and civil defense. The work includes, among other things, that:

  • Analyze and manage the needs of the business against external requirements
  • Develop and communicate requirements, target images and plans
  • Manage and support in security matters
  • Follow-up of compliance and progress according to established plans
  • Lead and coordinate ongoing security work and development efforts (both internally and with external parties).

Group manager security coordination and handling

You will lead a group that currently consists of approximately 10 employees who mainly work with analysis, requirements, support and follow-up to maintain and develop security protection and other security areas. Together with your colleagues, you will be part of and strengthen the safety practice that is a prerequisite for the continuity and continued development of Vattenfall Vattenkraft's socially important operations.

Group manager authorization and security administration

You will lead a group that currently consists of approximately 10 employees who mainly work with administrative support regarding security checks and security screening interviews, access and system authorizations, data protection (GDPR), and handling of security protection agreements. Together with your colleagues, you contribute to protecting the business by ensuring that only authorized persons have access to Vattenfall Vattenkraft's socially important facilities, systems and information.

More about the positions as group manager in security

As group manager, you lead, inspire and engage the employees within your area of ​​responsibility. You create the conditions and support the group so that we, together with other parts of the organization, succeed in reaching our goals. Examples of your tasks and areas of responsibility:

  • Personnel responsibility for the employees in the group, including work environment responsibility
  • Operational functional responsibility for the group's business area including budget responsibility
  • Lead and develop the group at individual and group level
  • Build relationships with internal and external partners
  • Planning, prioritization and follow-up of tasks
  • Management team work; contribute to the development of the entire security department.

Your background

As a leader, you are open, proactive and structured. You create trust and can motivate and engage. You see collaboration and continuous improvement as natural paths to success and you create the conditions for open and clear communication within both your own group and with other parts of the company. Within the Vattenfall Group, we call it Connect people, Accelerate learning & Drive innovation.

We believe that you have worked in the field of security protection in roles that made demands on you as a leader in change. Experience of personnel responsibility is meritorious. If you have experience in the energy industry, that is a plus.

Basically, you have an education at college/university level in security/security protection, economics, law and/or technology, or equivalent competence acquired in another way that is deemed relevant.

One requirement is that you have at least one year of documented experience of working in an activity affected by the Security Protection Act (for example the Police Authority, the Swedish Armed Forces, telecommunications, the energy and/or transport sector). You speak and write both Swedish and English. You have a B driving license and the opportunity to travel for work.


Luleå, Umeå and/or Storuman

Contact persons

For questions, please contact recruiting manager Patrick Harlin. Union representatives are Anneli Jönsson Leaders, Samuel Jernlif Unionen, Magnus Nilsson Academics and Anders Karlström SEKO. All can be reached via Vattenfall's switchboard, 08-739 50 00.

Are you interested in a new leadership challenge?

To realize the goal of a fossil-free life, we need to make use of different perspectives, experiences and skills. We need thinkers, creators, developers, problem solvers and a wide range of other roles with one thing in common - that everyone contributes their unique talent and unleashes their superpowers in the team. We work towards our common goal in a first-class work environment where everyone should feel equal and included.

Welcome with your application!

Apply via our advertisement on Vattenfall's career pages no later than June 16, 2024. Indicate in the application which of the positions you are most interested in.

We are convinced that diversity enriches and therefore work continuously for equality and inclusion in our workplace. Please read more at

Vattenfall Vattenkraft is part of Sweden's socially critical infrastructure, thus many of our services are safety-classified. If the position you are applying for is security classified, in accordance with the Security Protection Act, a record check and security interview will be carried out before employment.

Vattenfall Vattenkraft is responsible for Vattenfall's 90 hydropower plants and approx. 300 dams in the Nordic region. We are approximately 500 employees in Sweden and Finland with headquarters in Luleå. Hydropower's renewable electricity production is a prerequisite for creating a climate-smart and fossil-free society where we play an important role as an enabler for the sustainable energy system of the future.

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About the employer
At Vattenfall you’ll take part in a bigger challenge: To make it possible to live fossil-free within a generation. We want to show the way to a sustainable future and stimulate a climate smarter life. This requires new perspectives and actual changes. It requires people who want to make a real difference. Join us and power fossil-free living!