How did you end up in Vidsel, Älvsbyn, and why did you choose this place to call your home for both your family and your business?

We first met in Bucerias, Mexico where we were working as PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors. We both loved travelling and spent our next couple years together living in New Zealand and Australia. From there we moved up to London where we spent the next 5 years. During our time in London we took many holidays to Sweden, each time we left we could only think how badly we wanted to stay. When we took our last trip to Lapland in 2016, we decided that we would do just that and we found our new home in Vidsel.

Vidsel is quite literally the opposite of London. We moved away from our fast paced, high stress jobs and lives and fell in love with the complete tranquillity that the wilderness of northern Sweden has to offer and we have never looked back. 

Green technology and sustainability are at the heart of this region but when the average person thinks of sustainability, tourism is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, you and your wife are committed to it. Can you tell us how and why it is so important to your business?

From a professional standpoint, our business simply wouldn’t exist without the beautiful natural environment and the wonderful communities that we are surrounded by. It’s what draws visitors here. From a personal standpoint, we want our daughter to have the opportunity to grow up and enjoy the natural world as we have. I like to think that most nature tour providers have a real passion for the environment and therefore have a unique opportunity to share this passion and knowledge with visitors. On many tours we spend a lot of time just getting to know our guests and talking to them about life in northern Sweden and the importance of our environment and communities. 

We always have and always will partner with environmental charities, support local associations and try to bring new green technologies to northern Sweden. Just last winter, we became the first tour operator in all of Scandinavia to offer experiences on Moonbikes, the world’s first all-electric snow bike, and now other tour operators are starting to work with these new machines. 

What is it that you wish for your guests to take with them after visiting you?

Whether you are coming for a relaxing holiday to escape the stress of the real world or are ready for some adrenaline pumping adventure, we hope we can help you discover what you are looking for in Swedish Lapland. 

We want to show everyone why we fell in love with Swedish Lapland and can promise experiences that will capture a piece of your heart and make you want to return over and over again.