Let your children go to one of the best schools in Sweden! 

In Älvsbyn, we take great pride in our fantastic schools, and for the ninth year running we maintain our position among the 20 best schools out of the 290 municipalities in the country! Our 2021 ranking as number 3 shows the results of long-term effort and investments in our schools. 

Our vision for the schools in Älvsbyn is to create an environment where all students will succeed. We want  to empower our children with knowledge, abilities, and self-esteem to enable them to live up to their full potential, regardless of what they aspire to do in the future. 

Preschool & elementary school 

There are 7 preschools and several comprehensive elementary schools throughout the municipality, which all strive to provide our children with world-class education in a calm and safe environment. We see our younger generation as our most important citizens, and their education and wellbeing make up the foundation of our society. 

Alvsbyn_preschool.jpegHigh school 

Älvsbyn's high school is a small and intimate school with experienced and competent teachers. It offers a wide range of educational programs and specializations, offering national educational programs in cross-country skiing, orienteering, and ski orienteering, among many others.

Adult educational programs 

Our adult educational programs offer a fantastic opportunity for those who wish to complete their elementary school diploma, or take high school courses in order to further their career. Our programs are also a fantastic way for people with in the work force or with professional experience to prepare for university or college education, and to re-skill or up-skill for new opportunities.