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Kaunis Iron is getting ready to invest SEK 2.3 billion in expanded operations, once the new  environmental permit comes into force.“We’re getting a mining operation ready for future generations,” says Åsa Allan, Deputy CEO, Kaunis Iron. On 1 December 2022, the Land and Environment Court ruled in favour of Kaunis Iron’s plans to expand its operations with the new open-pit mines Sahavaara and Palotieva. This ruling was appealed to the Land and Environment Court of Appeal. Construction of a new flotation plant has already begun at the concentrator – an investment of SEK 500 million.

But in all, investments totalling SEK 2.3 billion will be made once the ruling comes into force and work can begin in earnest. Currently, the plan is for Sahavaara to be operational by the end of 2026 or 2027. Until then, Kaunis Iron will equip its organisation in different ways. The company will not only recruit more employees, but also set up completely new departments.

Åsa Allan, Deputy CEO of Kaunis Iron explains: “It will mean around 100 people or thereabouts. Naturally, most of them won’t arrive until Sahavaara comes on stream, but we’re already recruiting to strengthen the organisation for the journey ahead.”

The announcement on 1 December 2022 means the company can now begin building for the future by setting up departments that have been on the waiting list. “Among other things, we’ll be recruiting for the new position of sustainability manager. We’re adding real strength to the organisation for this work. We’re also adding a communications officer and a property manager.” “There’ll be new employees in various areas. One such is occupational health and safety. After five years, we’re taking new strategic strides towards building the world’s best mining company. It’s a great, exciting feeling now that we can begin to realise our plans.”

And these are no small ambitions, besides those of securing a mining industry in Tornedalen for future generations and delivering the world’s most sustainable ore, the company also seeks to be the “best”.“We aim to build a new mining industry. Culturally and industrially. Our mine is already distinctly characterised by equality and diversity, and there is no place for historical macho culture. What’s more, we’re always looking for new, sustainable solutions. New ideas to build on. My feeling is we cannot settle for anything less than being the best.” When the open-pit mine in Sahavaara comes online in 2026 or 27, one particular vocational group will be in focus. “We’ll have to add around 50 new drivers to our team to handle all of our new ore flows. Finding drivers is already a challenge today, so we hope our recruiting will be successful. Let the adventure attract even more people. We already have drivers from all over Sweden who enjoy working for us,” declares Åsa Allan.

Legal situation:
The Land and Environment Court of Appeal has now granted leave to appeal, so a new review will take place. At the time of writing, the precise schedule for the new negotiation is unknown. 

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