Billion euro invested


To reduce emissions by 50%


New talents needed

Green Revolution

Sweden’s green

industrial supercluster.

Net Zero

The path to net zero.

The path to net zero industrial clusters of the future is paved when strategic local implementation generates global impact. The most difficult hurdle on the path toward net zero is decarbonizing industrial processes – responsible for 30% of total global emissions. 

To decarbonize the business sectors that resist electrification, a new paradigm must be established. And that is exactly what the innovative companies of the Swedish Arctic are doing by creating the world’s most impactful green industrial supercluster, with a focus on a cross-sectoral and co-location approach to optimize synergies in emissions reductions and increase circularity via energy symbiosis and cross-entity waste applications. 

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The Supercluster

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The companies redefining 

what’s possible.

Northvolt and Stora Enso partner to develop wood-based batteries

By Northvolt

Northvolt and Stora Enso are joining forces to create sustainable batteries using lignin-based hard carbon produced with renewable wood from Nordic forests. The aim is to develop the world’s first industrialized battery featuring anode sourced entirely from European raw materials, lowering both the carbon footprint and the cost.

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AFRY - One of Swedens most attractive employers


"Young people want to make a difference and they tend to choose inclusive employers with great leaders and a strong purpose. At AFRY we welcome talents in engineering, design, and advisory services to join us in accelerating the transition towards a sustainable society" said Aishat Bislieva, Head of HR Sweden.

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The BMW Group will source green steel from Swedish startup H2 Green Steel

By H2 Green Steel

“Working with progressive companies like BMW Group, pushes us to be better both in our own operations and our value chain. It also pushes us to be an even better partner to our customers and raises the bar for industry peers on the decarbonization journey” says Henrik Henriksson, CEO of H2 Green Steel. 

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What’s missing is you.

The companies reinventing what's possible and the investors backing their boundary-pushing technologies are here. But for the Swedish Arctic to reach its full potential and become the most dynamic green industrial supercluster on the planet, we need YOU! 

This region aims to grow by 100,000 new talented innovators, creators, builders, and everything else in between in the coming years, so we can bring our green technologies to the rest of the world and do our part to save this planet. Join us in the Swedish arctic as we continue to decarbonize the impossible and discover your purpose. 


The epic minds behind 

the technologies of tomorrow.

Daniel Enström

CEO, Mobilaris 

By Mobilaris

Meet Daniel Enström, the CEO of Mobilaris and one of the incredible leaders in the Swedish Arctic, daring all of us to think bigger and bolder. Daniel might live in a small city in northern Sweden, but his ambitions for all his company’s investments are global in nature. Read more about what he envisions for the future of the region.


Birgitta Bergvall Kåreborn

Vice Chancellor, Luleå Technical University 

By Luleå Technical University

Learn more about Birgitta Bergvall Kåreborn, the Vice Chancellor of Luleå Technical University (LTU), the univeristy at the center of the green industrial revolution in the Swedish Arctic. Under her tenure, LTU has created several programs perfectly tailored to the most cutting-edge industries in sustainability today. 


It all starts with 

one idea.

The entrepreneurs and the innovators of the Swedish Arctic are truly redefining was is possible in terms of both technological breakthroughs and the time in which it takes those breakthroughs to reach the global market. From fossil free batteries, steel, raw materials, and shipping fuels to a new frontier of space technologies, the leaders of this next (and very green) industrial revolution are ignoring the playbook of the past and following their passions and purpose to save this planet. 

And it all starts with one idea. If you are one of those daring innovators, we invite you and your ideas to join us on our mission to decarbonize the impossible! 

Entrepreneurs & innovators of tomorrow


The future is bright! 

Sandra Nilsson

COO & Co-founder, Arctic Space Technologies 

By Arctic Space Technologies

Meet Sandra, the COO and co-founder of Arctic Space Technologies, and learn how she and her team offer world class communication and data handling solutions to established satellite constellation operators from all over the world – all from the Swedish Arctic! 


Kristoffer Karlsson

Founder & CEO, Spotin 


Learn more about what Kristoffer Karlsson, the founder and CEO of Spotin, calls “friction-free content commerce" - the innovation at the heart of Spotin, and why some of the most prominent brands in fashion and publishing are choosing to implement the technology.