Sweden’s Green
Industrial Supercluster.

Join us in the Swedish Arctic and be part of the more than 120 Billion Euro investment in the world’s most impactful green industrial supercluster, where companies are hellbent on decarbonizing the impossible.

The Facts


Billion Euro being invested



to reduce emissions by 50%


New Talents Needed

The path to net zero industrial clusters of the future is where strategic local implementation generates global impact.

The most difficult hurdle on the path toward net zero is decarbonizing industry – responsible for 30% of total global emissions. To decarbonize the business sectors that resist electrification, a new paradigm must be established. And that is exactly what the innovative companies of the Swedish Arctic are doing by creating the world’s most impactful green industrial supercluster with a focus on a cross-sectoral and co-location approach to optimize synergies in emissions reductions and increased circularity via energy symbiosis and cross-entity waste applications.

Geographic proximity. Waste and energy circularity. Cross-sectoral design.

The Supercluster

The supercluster

The building blocks of a dynamic green industrial ecosystem

To foster the development of Sweden’s green industrial revolution, we need more than talent. We also need bold and daring investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs to create a dynamic ecosystem. Already, we have more than €120 billion invested in decarbonizing everything from raw materials to steel to batteries. Join us in the Swedish arctic as we continue to decarbonize the impossible.

Discover your purpose in the Swedish Arctic.

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