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World’s first collaborative
recruitment system


Powered by AI

MindDig is the world’s first recruitment system that is built to facilitate collaboration at multiple levels simultaneously.


Our Collaborative Talent Collections and Joint Talent Campaigns reduce the waste of the standard recruitment process, generating regional growth at an unprecedented pace.

Talent Database

Powered by AI

Most talent databases source from talent all over the world, without pre-vetting for interest in a specific location. At MindDig, we pre-vet all talent and ensure that companies are only searching for talent that want to relocate to their specific location. We value quality over quantity to save you precious time!

AI-Powered Jobs
& Talent Matches

Powered by AI

Don’t have time to write? No worries – our AI-powered job creator automatically generates job ads with just basic input from you, in any language of your choice!


The MindDig platform has built-in generative AI to save you time in your search for the right talent. All organizations will get automatic matches to any live job postings, 24/7.

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Plus One Management

At MindDig, every organization can easily manage their plus ones via our Talent Manager. A specific collection is made just for them, called Partners of Employees.

Employee Referral System

We have a built-in invite tool for every employee in any organization that makes it easy to help recruit talent with just one click, and enables HR to track who refers a specific talent.

Talent Recirculation

We have built-in circularity called Talent Recirculation. Any talent that isn’t immediately hired is exposed to all the other opportunities in the region or emerging cluster, ensuring that the precious resource of interested talent is no longer wasted.

B2B Marketplace

Access a curated B2B marketplace to connect with the best of the best in professional services in your region with just one click. 

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What do employers think about the experience?

The platform to spearhead talent attraction

The green industrial revolution will create an unprecedented demand for talent across every industry sector, from scientists and production workers to nurses and teachers. And I believe MindDig is the platform we can use to spearhead talent attraction as a coalition of both companies and municipalities.

- Claes Nordmark, Mayor, Boden
For everyone that wants to be part of creating a sustainable future

MindDig isn’t just for the biggest companies, it’s for everyone that wants to be part of creating a sustainable future. We represent the healthcare industry in one of the greenest cities on earth, and we want talent that want to be part of that. MindDig gives us the platform to reach those talents, alongside the largest green tech industrial giants of northern Sweden.

- Per-Erik Mattsson, CEO, Hermelinen
Revolutionizing in itself

What MindDig has done is revolutionizing in itself – getting all the industrial companies together to finally look at the common challenges for talent attraction and retention, combining them with the cities to create a holistic experience, and then building a communications platform with content that really speaks to the target audience and captures peoples’ imagination.

- Anne Graf, Head of Regional Affairs, H2GS
One of the most impactful innovations I have seen

Having worked in the HR field most of my career, I can say this is one of the most impactful innovations I have seen for my industry. MindDig has created a recruitment platform built on collaboration between the large-scale industrial actors, the public sector, and SMEs, helping us generate viable growth in this region. This isn’t just recruitment. It’s recruitment for a better future.

- Johan Albinsson, HR Director, Boliden
This will set the new benchmark for talent attraction

From my first meeting with the MindDig team, I felt the platform was the perfect fit for Skanska as an innovation tool to help us recruit the best people to develop sustainable cities. And several members of our northern management team agree – MindDig is changing the way we attract talent on both a national and global level. I believe this will set the new benchmark for talent attraction with sustainable development as its focus.

- Mats Rönnbo, Sustainovation Director, Skanska