Save Time. Go ski...

Or hike, mountain bike, or kayak! When you move to Gällivare we promise you (at least) an hour per day of your life back. Working so close to home (or even from home depending on what you do), you can choose what to do with the time you have saved. This is your revolution!

With a world-class ski mountain in the heart of the city, mountain bike trails at its edge, and some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Europe in every direction, the choice is yours.  In Gällivare, we say time is our most precious gift – you can call it our moving-in present for you when you make our city your new home!


A home town base for relaxation! 

Gällivare is growing fast and our regional plan for 20,000 citizens in a “world class Arctic small town” is in keeping with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We have well advanced plans for adding between 4000 and 7000 new residents in the coming decades. Now is the time for you to take maximum advantage of being in the early stages of this structural growth cycle. Come help us build the Gällivare of the Green Revolution! 

Living in the heart of Swedish Lapland

There are many housing options for you in Gällivare. Consider a self-built private retreat in our beautiful countryside, with views over Dundret, our ski and adventure resort in the middle of the city, or one of our numerous lakes. And just outside of the city limits, there are many smaller villages, such as Dokkasbygden and Hakkasbygden – perhaps one of these is ideal for you to really embrace life in the heart of Swedish Lapland?


Enjoy a walkable city life at the edge of the Swedish Arctic

If you prefer more of a city-vibe, enjoy life in the center of Gällivare within walking distance to shops, bars, sporting events and restaurants. And of course, for young and growing families, there are numerous single-family homes to choose from in residential areas. 


Our promise to you is time-saving access to everything northern Sweden has to offer – your home in Gällivare can be both the perfect basecamp for all the outdoor expeditions you want to explore and a cozy retreat during the serene winter nights.  

Ready to find your new home?

Our move-in service is available if you have any questions regarding your move to Gällivare and can help you settle in.   Contact information:  Telephone: +46 970–818 000  E-mail: