The next generation revolutionaries in the making 

Sweden as a country, and Gällivare as a municipality, believe that education and healthcare is of critical importance to maximise human potential. That’s why both healthcare and education are completely free at the point of delivery, up to a PhD! Even private schools in Sweden are part of the universal education system and are completely free of charge.   

For students that choose to attend university, there are no tuition charges. Students even receive a monthly allowance to facilitate their studies. 


Daycare in Gällivare 

Child daycare in Sweden is also one of the most comprehensive and generous systems in the world, with each family paying only a modest contribution. This is capped at a top rate of approximately 150 Euros a month for the first child, and a reduced rate for each subsequent child. Day care is also available for students in Sweden with their own children. 


Ages 1-6 preschool

Choose from one of our 14 municipal preschools, 1 private preschool, and 1 Sami preschool in Gällivare Municipality for educational activity for children aged one to five whose guardians work, study, are on parental leave or are looking for work. From the age of 3, every child is guaranteed at least 15 hours of preschool attendance per week during the school semester. 

Ages 6-16 primary school

Gällivare continues to invest in increasing school capacity with a new primary school on the drawing board to complement the existing 9 municipal primary schools, 1 private primary school, and 1 Sami primary school in the municipality serving over 2000 children in this age category.  

Age 16+ high school

Gällivare High School is part of an extended campus including the high schools from neighbouring Jokkmokk, Kiruna and Pajala. Together they are called Laplands Gymnasium and the Gallivare High School, and are responsible for about 600 students and 80 teachers. Specialist education tracks are connected with major local employers such as Boliden and LKAB. In total, there are 11 national educational tracks to choose from. 

Gällivare elite ski high school

Laplands Gymnasium offers an elite residential ski school with alpine and cross-country specialities. Applying for a place is done via the Swedish Ski Association and is combined with a regular education at Gällivare High School. 


Gällivare culture school 

In addition to the traditional schools and education programmes, the municipality also houses Gällivare Culture School, that offers children the opportunity to discover the joy of culture, creativity, and creation. Gällivare Culture School collaborates closely with the municipal primary schools and high school to provide cultural education and experiences . 

The university years

There are many universities throughout Sweden and the local choice is Luleå University of Technology (LTU). With over 19,000 students and 1800+ staff (270 Professors) spread across 5 departments there will be a specialist subject to pursue for your little darlings. Departments include Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering, Engineering Sciences and Mathematics, Health, Education and Technology, Social Sciences, Technology and Arts and Civil, and Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering. Links with international and national business are very strong at the LTU with over 60% of research funding originating from corporate sources.  

Living in Gällivare, many students also opt for distance education. Of all the university students in the municipality, 75% are enrolled in distance educations, and 24% are attending in-person educational programs. 

Lappland's learning center

For adults, Lapplands Learning Center offers a variety of educations and courses for reskilling or upskilling. You can complete your high school education, take additional courses in your field, or begin an entirely new path of education later in your career. The learning center also offers study rooms, distance learning and educational tools, and support and guidance for adult students. As the demand for new knowledge and competences are changing on the labour market, reskilling and upskilling is a unique opportunity for adults to adapt to these changing conditions.