Time for the most important people in your life

Jokkmokk offers new families proximity to everything you need in your daily life - wonderful neighbors, flourishing culture, restaurants and boutiques, and the magnificent nature of the Swedish Arctic. But life in Jokkmokk in Sweden also offers the safety and support of a of a universal parent leave, healthcare, and education system that ensures parents never have to choose between their careers and caring for their loved ones. 

The Swedish way of life

Family life in Sweden and in Jokkmokk is extremely important and valued throughout our society, which is why Sweden offers the most generous parental leave system in the entire world. Parents in Sweden get a combined 480 paid days off with each child, to be split between the parents as they choose, including 30 days the parents can take together, and an additional 10 days both parents take together once a child is born.Jokkmokk Family life 1.jpgAnd if your child gets sick or requires care from either parent, you are entitled to 120 paid days off a year to do so through the VAB system (vård av barn in Swedish, meaning care for children). You can apply for this from the day your child is 8 months old until he or she turns 12.

Daycare in Sweden is also one of the most comprehensive and generous systems in the world, with each family only paying a fraction of what they make, capped at a top rate of approximately 150 euros a month for the first child, and a reduced rate for each subsequent child. Daycare is also available for students in Sweden with children.

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