The European Capital of Culture!

Umeå has a rich cultural scene with world-renowned institutions and festivals. For many decades, Umeå has put more resources into expanding its cultural offerings than most other Swedish cities, in an effort to ensure that anyone that wants to enjoy such experiences has the opportunity to do so.


We strongly believe that a diverse expression of culture builds welcoming communities with a sense of belonging. When Umeå was selected as the European Capital of Culture, the main reasons were our expression of the art of curiosity, compassion and co-creation. In Umeå, we believe culture should be inclusive and open to everyone! Discover the cultural city of Umeå today

Outdoor experiences for every season!

While the cultural scene that Umeå offers is unparalleled in the region, the outdoor experiences that are readily accessible should also not be missed! Whether it's hiking through the incredible forests of northern Sweden on one of the 8 trails that are close to the city, biking leisurely through the city or on one of the mountain biking tracks at Isävsleden, kayaking through the sea to the east or the crystal clear rivers and lakes of the region, or skiing on one of the six ski hills near the city, there are variety of outdoor experiences and adventures for every season.