Sweden’s highest proportion of PhDs

Umeå has a highly educated population that values its school system. With two universities and Sweden’s highest proportion of PhDs, it is evident that education is a priority. We have intentionally created learning environments that convey knowledge, security, respect, and community.

Higher education

With its two universities, Umeå University and SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Umeå is one of Sweden's leading university cities.

Umeå University is the flagship institution of higher education in northern Sweden, with a broad range of academic opportunities, including creative learning environments, an exciting campus life and valuable support services.

And while SLU may not have as many students as Umeå University, it is ranked as the third best university in the world in the fields of Agriculture and Forestry, and number 27 in the field of Veterinary Medicine, according to the QS World University Rankings!


Primary and High school

Nationally, schools in Umeå are well-regarded, and Umeå’s students perform second best in the entire country. As a city, we also invest more in culture than most other municipalities throughout Sweden, enabling our children to benefit from a rich array of cultural experiences throughout their time as students. We also know that physical well-being is an integral part of a healthy learning environment, which is why we have integrated the theory of physical literacy in making students more physically active in their daily lives. 

In total, Umeå has over 50 primary schools, including both public and private options, which means you are never far from an incredible (and 100% free!) education.


Preschool & childcare

The Swedish educational system starts at preschool, where the education focuses on democracy, influence and language development and lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning! 

Preschool in Sweden is universally subsidized, and ranges from 100% free to a cap of approximately €140 a month, at most, based on income. Thus, regardless of a parent's income, a child in Sweden will receive the same care, with one of the highest per capita expenditures per child in the world. 

And in Umeå, the public schools are among the country´s most successful. From the age of 1 to 20, there is a strong focus on the core mission: that every student should have the right to develop their full potential.


Preschool & childcare options in Umeå 

In Umeå, there are several public preschools, and their prime focus is in giving your child a safe environment for learning and to inspire them to be curious for knowledge throughout their life. The curriculum in preschool works equally with language skills, social competence, math and environmental issues. 

There are also several private preschools with different specializations, as well as public and private daycare options, instead of preschool. 

Language-oriented preschools

The preschool Snöflingan (Snowflake) in the district of Berghem, has a Sami section, and Finnish sections are offered at the preschool, Lundagård, in the district of Ålidhem. The children at these preschools are given the opportunity to maintain and develop their mother tongue, along with their multicultural identity. 

For parents working non-traditional hours

Aftonstjärnan (the Evening Star), at Berghem, offers childcare for children between 1 to 13 years old, for parents or caregivers working non-traditional hours during evenings, nights, and weekends.