The five kilometer city

Umeå is a rapidly growing city, and all its future growth is planned to be within a five kilometer radius. With its short geographical distances from homes to schools to workplaces, the alternatives to personal cars, such as walking, cycling, and electric buses make it easy to move around the city with a zero-carbon footprint! 


If you prefer a more rural setting, just outside of Umeå there are several smaller villages to choose from that are all connected with public transportation. You can live with the enchanting forests of northern Sweden in your backyard, and the city of Umeå within each via a short commute. 


Umeå, like all cities, consists of several different districts, each with its own unique charm and profile. To orientate yourself - both historically and geographically – learn more about our the diverse districts of Umeå and begin the search for your dream home today!