The pinnacle of parental leave! 

Family life in Sweden and in Skellefteå is extremely important and valued throughout our society, which is why Sweden offers one of the most generous parental leave systems in the entire world. Parents in Sweden get a combined 480 paid days off with each child, to be split between the parents as they choose, including 30 days the parents can take together, and an additional 10 days both parents take together once a child is born.

In addition to the generous parental leave system, if your child gets sick or requires care from either parent, you are entitled to 120 paid days off a year to do so through the VAB system (vård av barn in Swedish, meaning care for children). You can apply for this from the day your child is 8 months old until they are 12. 

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(Actual) work-life balance

What you choose to do during your working hours shouldn’t deprive you of quality time spent with your family, friends, or pursuing other passions. And to ensure that all Swedes get to experience real work-life balance, Sweden offers, alongside its generous parental leave system, 5 weeks of paid vacation time per year. 


In Skellefteå, companies encourage their employees to take the summer off and enjoy the magic of the famous midnight sun with their families and friends. Work is important, but so is life outside of work – and Skellefteå offers newcomers a chance to experience the Swedish promise of true work-life balance. 

Family life in Skellefteå