Relocating, Reimagined 

Moving to a new city, region, or country is a big step, with many 

Step 1: find a job

If you haven’t already registered on our site to find a job in the Luleå region, now is as good a time as any to do that – it only takes a couple of minutes to verify your email address, create a password and add your details. REGISTER ME

Step 2: find a house

Finding a place to stay from a standing start can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we have gathered many online resources to help you get informed and make the right contacts. Luleå is a rapidly expanding city and has a 2040 master plan to grow the city by 20,000 people. New build home and apartments, rentals and plots are all widely available at attractive prices.

Municipal and student rentals

Lulebo AB is the municipal property company and manages over 7,500 apartments in Luleå. To register interest and search available properties in Luleå

Private rentals

Register with Rikshem, one of Sweden’s largest private property companies with 29,000 properties under management all over Sweden. You can search their database for available properties in Luleå, register your details and much more here

Plots and new builds

The adventure begins with your plot of land to build your dream home. For an annual fee of SEK300 (about €30) you can register your interest and join the queue for available plots in the Luleå region.

Business premises

Finding a home for your new business in Luleå? Why not check out the available properties with Galaren – one of the regions longest established commercial property developers.

Step 3 : more resources

Luleå Municipality have taken the stress and time out of all this research with a simple to navigate website covering all the basics of life in Luleå, written in English and Swedish. Covering accommodation, leisure, schools and much more.

Check out the official Move to Luleå city page here.