Paradise all around 

Nestled in between forested mountains, next to the blue waters of the Pite River and the grand rapids of Storforsen, the town of Älvsbyn takes its place as the “Pearl” of northern Sweden. Älvsbyn is a paradise for nature lovers, yet with all the amenities of city life in close proximity. This is the perfect home base from which to enjoy the vastness of the Swedish Arctic in every season. 

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The secrets of the Pearl 

Closeness and proximity are keywords in Älvsbyn. Whether it be to flora and fauna, between people and events, or coastal waters and mountain ranges. Although a small town, Älvsbyn boasts of attractions like Storforsen – the largest unregulated rapids in Europe, and Kanisbacken, a ski resort within walking distance from the town center. 

Älvsbyn is also a place for entrepreneurs and pioneers, as it is home to Europe's largest test area over land for verification and validation of military systems and Polarbröd, Sweden’s third-largest producer of bread (which also happens to be run completely on renewable energy!). 



Personal portraits.

Ken, Sonya, & their daughter Evelyn

By Älvsbyn

We first met in Bucerias, Mexico where we were working as PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors, and then continued to travel the world together. During that time, we spent a few holidays in Sweden, and realized how badly we wanted to stay.


Jonas Jalar, CEO of Arctic Falls

By Älvsbyn

Jonas Jalar is a successful Älvsbyn entrepreneur many times over, as the CEO of Arctic Falls, the world's leading winter testing facility for the automative and tire industry, and the owner of the beautiful Storforsen Hotel. 


Business Ecosystem of Älvsbyn.

Ranked top 3 for best climate for small businesses in Sweden 

If you are considering starting your own business, or moving your existing one, Älvsbyn offers you the region's best conditions for running your own company – read more about what makes us so special! 


Want to take the leap?

Ready to make Älvsbyn your home? 

Whether you’ve already decided to move to Älvsbyn or are considering taking the plunge – here you can find both valuable resources to assist your move, along with the main reasons why our residents love to call Älvsbyn their home!


15-Minute City.

You may have heard of the “15-minute city” – the new concept, popularized in Paris, that seeks to make all of life’s essentials accessible only minutes from your doorstep. In the Swedish Arctic, our cities were built around this concept, long before it was popular to do so! We pride ourselves on our sustainable cities, where you can oftentimes walk to your destination faster than you can drive. A life in northern Sweden is a life free of the tedium of long commutes. Our residents get to enjoy incredible career opportunities that are minutes from our schools, mountain biking trails, ski slopes, and beaches. In the Swedish Arctic, we promise you an unmatched quality of life!


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